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  • Web client
  • Excel client


  • Introduction to the repository database
  • Introduction to the application database
  • Building the data model
  • Navigation


  • User creation
  • User security and rights


  • Pre-defined ETL
  • Exporting and importing elements


  • Setup wizard
  • Database
  • Configuration rules
  • Configuration logic

Data Model

  • Periods
  • Scenarios
  • Currencies
  • Entities
  • Accounts
  • Custom dimensions
  • Aggregation structures
  • Dimension restrictions


  • Workflow – how to change etc
  • Process definition
  • System generated reports
  • ETL Overview
  • Structure
  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Loading
  • How to use the Standard ETL Template
  • How to import/export using Excel
  • How to use the ETL to connect to an external database
  • Reporting Add-Ins introduction
  • Excel Add-Ins interface
  • Reporting Dimensions
  • Reporting Matrix
  • Financial Statement Template (FST), KPI and Indices
  • Multiple Templates Form
  • Parameters
  • Custom Parameters
  • Reporting Best practices
  • Formatting
  • Data Entry Form Design
  • Drill down
  • Additional Reporting tools
  • How to enhance and enrich a “standard” Data model with Consolidation-specific or Consolidation-related attributes
  • How to create new Accounts and new Accounts relationships (Control Groups)
  • How to create automated Elimination Logics for Intercompany, Dividends and Financial Investments
  • How to setup Tagetik default Rules for Currency Conversion, Minorities Interests, calculation and Equity evaluation
  • How to define and maintain FX rates and Ownership information
  • How to define quality-compliance validation default Rules
  • How to define a Consolidation Process, used both for data collection and for consolidation processing
  • How to run all necessary Consolidation data processing and how to analyse the result of such processing
  • How collected data is processed, and how the submission/approval process is managed via the workflow
  • Budget process configuration
  • Check expressions
  • Forecast models
  • Break back
  • Spreading
  • Allocations
  • Snapshots
  • Account calculations
  • Data entry forms/models
  • Tips & Techniques and Best Practices
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