CCH Tagetik

  • CCH Tagetik Overview factsheet

    CCH Tagetik Overview

    CCH Tagetik is a fully integrated Financial & Corporate Performance Management platform. Download this factsheet to get an overview of its capabilities and key features | DOWNLOAD


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    HAYNE 3D Vision Workshop

    Discover your next steps in Financial Performance Management. Totally complimentary, no obligation – just good, impartial advice. A one day workshop to help you take your next steps in FPM. | DOWNLOAD

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    HAYNE Analytics

    A reporting tool for IBM Cognos Controller – it filters the FAP cube and adds finance functionality. Designed and developed by HAYNE, approved and validated by IBM. Pre-configured TM1 cubes provide a platform for easy integration|DOWNLOAD

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    HAYNE Auditor

    Licence compliance management tool for IBM Cognos Controller. Avoid a fine – take the guesswork out of IBM Cognos Controller licence management | DOWNLOAD

  • Download the HAYNE Solutions Cloud Hosting Services data sheet

    HAYNE Cloud

    Fully managed and tailored hosting solution based on the Microsoft Azure IaaS platform | DOWNLOAD

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    HAYNE Monitor

    Application and server monitoring for alerting, reporting and management. Proactive support to alert customers to potential issues before they become operational problems.| DOWNLOAD

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    HAYNE Unity

    A tool for IBM Controller Automating data loading and batch consolidations for IBM Cognos Controller. | DOWNLOAD


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    IBM Cognos: Upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics v11

    Why Upgrade? IBM Cognos BI 10.X has been out of IBM support since 30 April 2018. IBM will not be delivering any more bug fixes. Read this handy fact sheet to help you make your next step. | DOWNLOAD

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    IBM Cognos: Upgrading to IBM Cognos Controller 10.3X

    Why Upgrade? The main thrust of the 10.3 release is a ‘true’ web front end covering the functions of the subsidiary user. This is a major change from the classic client that we have become used to and is a major step forward.| DOWNLOAD

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    IBM Cognos: Upgrading to IBM Cognos Controller 10.4X

    Why Upgrade? The main thrust of the IBM Cognos Controller 10.4 release is an enhancement to the web front end. Improvements have been made to the end user experience including new functionality. | DOWNLOAD

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    IBM Cognos: Upgrading IBM TM1 to Planning Analytics

    Why upgrade? IBM TM1 10.2.2 reached End of Support with IBM on 30th September 2019. This means that although the software will continue to function, IBM will no longer be providing full support or bug fixes for TM1. | DOWNLOAD


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    QUBEdocs documents your Cognos TM1 models so you don’t have to. It delivers understanding and insight into your TM1 models and provides centralised, interactive and up-to-date information to help develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models.| DOWNLOAD

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