Why are ‘financial storyboards’ so important for reporting?

financial storyboards help businesses make better decisions

Why are ‘financial storyboards’ so important for reporting?

Why do we need ‘Financial Storyboards’?

Financial Storyboards guide the business towards key insights which help to drive more informed decisions.

Storyboards truly enable financial storytelling. By composing interactive reporting packs with selected ‘Point of Views’ and narrative, the message behind the numbers can be conveyed clearly and concisely. You can guide your business towards the key insights, share your story and empower the business to make well-informed and well-understood decisions.

How do you add ‘narrative’ to your reports?

After much research at HAYNE, we found the perfect technology, CXO Cockpit. This software allows you to add narrative throughout the reports which enables your business to read, digest and understand the data like never before. From this, the business can make intelligently informed decisions and kudos goes to to the finance team for delivering a report with substance, not just data.

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Webinar: How to deliver dynamic & insightful financial reporting
Date: 14 September 2017 @ 11am
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  • Alfonso Colannino, Regional Director: UK, Ireland & Nordics, CXO Cockpit
  • Mark Cracknell, Director of HAYNE Solutions
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