HAYNE joins thought leaders at recent CFO Agenda themed ‘Leading Business Intelligence’

Tony Redding and Mark Cracknell at CFO Agenda

HAYNE joins thought leaders at recent CFO Agenda themed ‘Leading Business Intelligence’

HAYNE Solutions attended The CFO Agenda, held on 1 June 2017, along with 130+ CFOs and Senior Finance Leaders from across the globe from industries ranging from retail; travel and hospitality; information technology and telecommunication.

The 2017 event, themed ‘Leading Business Intelligence’ facilitated a series of keynotes, executive panels, case studies and round table discussions to ignite conversations and influence the future of business. Connecting Leaders and Industry Influencers from Aston Martin, Unilever, KFC, Proctor & Gamble, Shell and many other FTSE 350 businesses the Forum addressed key trends impacting the profession from the changing political landscape, digital disruption to changing client needs.

Take a look at the official CFO Agenda event video below…

Sales Director Tony Redding (pictured at the event with HAYNE Director Mark Cracknell) delivered a presentation on “The Reality of Cloud” and had the following to say about his time at the event…

What was your aim in attending the event?

“Our aim was twofold, firstly to raise our profile amongst some of leaders in the CFO community. Secondly to try and bring a perspective to some of the challenges that the office of finance will face in these uncertain times. As we are a unique hybrid of accountants and financial systems experts, we believe we are ideally placed to engage with the leaders in the CFO community to help them take the uncertainty out of uncertainty using the right blend of people, process and technology.

What were the results of attending the event?

Clearly if we are judging against our aims then our second aim was achieved as we presented our views on a current and pertinent subject and hosted a round table workshop to an audience who had little or no view of our capability and heritage, on aim one then clearly its very early but we have opened dialogue with a number of high profile prospects that we almost certainly would have struggled to access without this forum.

What advice would you give to those joining the event for the first time?

Be prepared to give on the day, remembering that this audience may well not be well versed in what you are selling. They are however by and large very successful in their chosen discipline and by that very nature have an interest in anything that could positively impact their business. There is a lot of interaction between delegates and we had instances of delegates engaging with us due to dialogue that had taken place on the day.

Would you recommend the event to other solution providers?

Undoubtedly – but with a caveat, this is not the forum that would suit those who are interested in selling bulk, this is more a forum where CFO’s come to exchange views and understand point solutions or products that may solve specific needs. It really needs a comprehensive view of the functions of the office of finance to be able to have those conversations that will add value and get you noticed by a very discerning and senior delegate list.”

Join us next year

It’s the third CFO event we have attended and hope to join our Financial Industry peers again next year.  If you’d like to join us, visit the CFO Agenda website to find out more.

Download the official CFO Agenda Event Report 2017

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