Key features:

  • Load external data – Import from disparate systems such as general ledgers, planning systems or ERP;
  • Secure and controlled – By connecting automatically and running within Cognos Controller, HAYNE Unity provides a secure, controlled solution that saves time at critical periods, resulting in an even faster close;
  • Easy control – Users have control over the server preferences which is used to configure Unity;
  • Easy integration – Unity honours existing Cognos Controller security so that the company drop-down list is automatically filtered;
  • Company and actual data – Data sources are based on a combination of company and actuality. This allows data from different sources to be loaded for a single company e.g. actual data from a ledger, forecast data from a Planning system;
  • Instant – Recognise the success of a data load right away by viewing the log summary on the Controller desktop;
  • Utilise existing Cognos Controller locking – Preventing unnecessary data loads and therefore saving time. Utilise period and company locking if applicable;
  • Quick reference – As an added bonus, the current period’s exchange rates are displayed on the desktop which provides a quick reference when time is crucial.

Look at the different sections of HAYNE Unity in the tabs below:

This is the user inferface of HAYNE Unity

Before processing

User selects actuality and period and one or more companies and presses play:

After Processing 

Desktop is automatically updated when batches are processed. The number of errors is also updated. All of this without user having to refresh screens.

This functionality is especially useful for customers who re-consolidate prior periods (e.g. retranslating prior periods at different currency rates). This process asks high level questions and then presents each period/actuality combination to the batch queue for processing. The batch queue is updated automatically without the need to refresh any screens.

Before consolidation process begins

In the example below, a user has selected 4 periods, one actuality, and two Consolidation Types.

During & after

However, as AB is a linked actuality to AC, AB is also re-consolidated and therefore 16 batches appear in the batch queue

This introduces the ability to load data from an Excel.slsx file which is much quicker and neater than the standard Controller functionality which is to load a .csv file

Select a file and press play

Debtor initiates the agreement request, and an email is sent to the creditor

Creditors reviews the open agreements:

…with 2 options

If Reject is selected then a text box opens for reasons for rejection

If Accept is selected then the intercompany entries are made in Controller for BOTH the creditor and debtor:

Coming Soon!

Easy to install, ready to customise

HAYNE Unity comes ready to customise. Simply place a SQL script into the SQL folder, refer to it in configuration, and provide suitable lookup tables. The solution will automatically pick up the SQL file which will connect to your finance systems (GL, ERP, Planning etc) and retrieve the data.  Of course we can do all of this for you.

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