Next generation insight with IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1 (Webinar on-demand)

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IBM cognos analytics v11.1 demo from HAYNE

Next generation insight with IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1 (Webinar on-demand)

On-demand webinar

Includes demo of IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1

The release of IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1 has been heralded as a giant advance in bringing the full power of augmented intelligence (AI) to business intelligence (BI), with new capabilities like: an AI conversational assistant, advanced analytics, AI-recommended visualisations and insights and user-centric data prep and modelling.

In this webinar hosted by Mark Cracknell from HAYNE Solutions, Sasha Maybury from IBM gave an in-depth overview and demonstration of the new features and capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1.

Who would benefit from this webinar

This webinar is aimed at all Finance Team stakeholders.

About the speakers

Mark Cracknell ACA is a qualified accountant who has spent a total of 30+ years working in finance and Sasha Maybury has 15 years’ experience as a Cognos Specialist. 

HAYNE Solutions designs, implements and supports Corporate Performance Management solutions of the leading standalone and integrated CPM vendors such as IBM, CCH Tagetik and LucaNet.


  • Introduction by Mark Cracknell
  • The long road to IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1
  • IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1  Demo and overview – showcasing new features and capabilities by Sasha Maybury, IBM
  • Key considerations in planning the upgrade
  • How HAYNE can help you with your IBM Cognos Analytics upgrade journey
  • Q&A
What next

Request an IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1 demo (using the form below) or contact us.

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