IBM Cognos TM1 documentation made easy with QUBEdocs (Webinar on-demand)

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IBM Cognos TM1 documentation made easy with QUBEdocs (Webinar on-demand)

On-demand webinar

Includes QUBEdocs Demo with new features for 2019

Business users are always asking for it and developers never have time for it. And, too often documentation is too high level, incomplete or out of date.

Do you….

  • Spend too much time managing TM1 documents and models?
  • Want to reduce the pain of managing IBM Cognos TM1 documentation and models?
  • Want to get more understanding and insight from your TM1 models?
  • Wish for centralised, interactive and up-to-date information which helps develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models?


This is where QUBEdocs comes in.

QUBEdocs documents your Cognos TM1 models so you don’t have to. It delivers understanding and insight into your TM1 models and provides centralised, interactive and up-to-date information to help develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models.

It enhances IBM Cognos TM1 by adding a new dimension of visibility and information governance. It is a proven solution for addressing the everyday challenges of Cognos TM1 analysts and developers. By delivering meaningful documentation of TM1 models, it virtually eliminates many of the time consuming tasks (and overheads) associated with managing and making risk-free changes to TM1 models.

QUBEdocs for IBM Planning Analytics TM1 – How can IBM Cognos Planning Analytics TM1 models be controlled and maintained to ensure no interruptions to availability? What is critical is having a fully documented solution and the tools to control development. Doing this ‘by hand’ is difficult and time-consuming and is always the last thing a developer wants to do. So how do you overcome this problem? We think QUBEdocs have the answer.

Who would benefit from watching this webinar

This webinar is aimed at users and administrators of IBM Planning Analytics and TM1.

About the speakers

Presenting this webinar were HAYNE’s marketing manager Rebecca D’Agostino and Scott Felten the General Manager at QUBEdocs.

HAYNE Solutions designs, implements and supports Corporate Performance Management solutions of the leading standalone and integrated CPM vendors such as IBM, CCH Tagetik and LucaNet.

What next

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qubedocs - Cognos TM1 document and model manager
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