Improving the efficiency of the NHS Finance Team (Webinar)

Improving the efficiency of the NHS Finance Team (Webinar)


Improving the efficiency of the NHS Finance Team

Includes: IBM Planning Analytics Demonstration

In light of the findings of the Lord Carter report a few years ago, the importance of improving the efficiency of the NHS Finance Team has never been higher.

In our experience many NHS Finance Teams are still heavily reliant upon spreadsheets to perform fundamental financial processes such as reporting and budgeting. As a result these processes are manually intensive, significantly restricting the ability to set targets and budgets, report on current performance and thus to improve efficiency.

This webinar demonstrates how using the right technology (IBM Planning Analytics) significantly improves reporting and performance measurement as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of budgeting and planning processes.

Why should you watch this webinar?

Using our extensive knowledge and experience of public and private sector organisations we will look at what constitutes efficient finance processes, concentrating on reporting and budgeting. We will look at the role of technology and demonstrate a solution that can be leveraged to enable the NHS Finance Team to be more efficient and effective and, ultimately, lead to the improvement in the value of patient services.

Who would benefit from this

CFO’s, Finance Directors and Financial Controllers from NHS Trusts who want to discover how to improve the efficiency and capability of their Finance Team.


  • What challenges is the NHS Finance Team facing?
  • Obstacles and issues you may encounter in improving on current efficiency
  • How the right technology solution can help you
  • IBM Planning Analytics Demonstration: How IBM software can be used to improving the efficiency of the NHS Finance Team
  • Summary and questions
What next

Request an IBM Planning Analytics demo (using the form below) or arrange a HAYNE 3D Vision Workshop.

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