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Financial Performance Management process

Utopia in any business is to have unified Corporate and Financial Performance Management (FPM) systems which talk to each other, share data and deliver real, on-time, insight. You want innovative technology which leverages existing investments in databases, applications and other technologies which seamlessly fit into your business environment, thus delivering a technology driven performance management solution.

This is why, at HAYNE, we have one eye on the future and one eye on your business needs. With this approach we are able to meet your needs now, whilst ensuring that your FPM solution is fit for the future – whether that be a single all-in-one solution or a multi-layered corporate performance management solution.

We help businesses, finance teams and finance professionals take back control, have integrated systems and handle reporting and compliance in a more efficient, automated way.

What benefits do you get from having a unified, integrated FPM Solution?

Unified Data Management

A single source data repository which delivers complete visibility and control of corporate data. From plans to forecasts to disclosure and all the reports and analysis along the way, your entire organisation can work in one unified application.

Benefit of unified & integrated


Benefit of unified & integrated


Benefit of unified & integrated


Benefit of unified & integrated


Benefit of unified & integrated


What options do you have?

Achieving an integrated Financial Performance Management a solution can be realised in a number of ways.  Either by choosing one system for the entire financial process OR by choosing systems and software which are built to work seamlessly together.  There is no right or wrong way, every business is different and we are here to help you figure out which model is the best one for your business.

One system

CCH Tagetik is a fully integrated Financial & Corporate Performance Management platform. Its innovative technology leverages your existing investments in databases, applications and other technologies, seamlessly fitting into any business or IT environment to provide you with robust financial solutions by technology.

Traditional approaches to financial corporate performance management require multiple products, IT involvement and complex integration. CCH Tagetik liberates you from the limitations of past performance platforms by delivering the next generation financial reporting platform designed with finance in mind. It is a single, unified financial analysis platform which puts finance back where it should be – in control, informed, and influential.

Multiple systems

Choosing multiple systems and software to deliver an integrated Corporate and Financial Performance management solution can feel like a daunting task.  Choosing the wrong system now, could seriously hinder your business growth in a few years time.

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How can HAYNE help you?

At HAYNE, our consultants have worked in industry, in senior finance and operational positions. We understand that ‘best-in-class’ financial performance goes far beyond the core financial processes. We know what technology is capable of and how it can be leveraged to provide tangible business benefit. We also understand how future changes and uncertainty are likely to impact the Finance team and wider business community.

We needed a consultancy that had not only the relevant IT experience but also a good understanding of the finance function. Our main consultant, Neil Whitmore, from HAYNE, had both technology and accountancy qualifications, so brought the necessary hybrid of skills to support the roll-out.

Julian Freeston

Julian FreestonDeputy Group Finance Director - All3Media

HAYNE always provide a first class service, often going above and beyond their remit, to provide excellent support and consultancy advice.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa JohnsonFinancial Controller - Umeco plc