LucaNet IFRS16

LucaNet IFRS 16

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Is your company involved in leasing and as a result facing the challenge of becoming IFRS 16 compliant? With LucaNet, this process couldn’t be easier. Whether in restructuring or evaluating your lease contracts, implementing the constant monitoring IFRS 16 requires, or reconciling operating leases in line with this standard:  LucaNet takes the stress out of making your lease accounting IFRS 16 compliant.

The software for lease accounting in accordance with IFRS 16

Software reliable for IFRS 16 accounting with functions including:

  • Transparent presentation of all IFRS 16 items with reference to the individual lease contract and aggregation of all items by asset class
  • Simple integration of right-of-use-assets and lease liabilities in the schedules and cash flow statement
  • Automated generation of quantitative disclosures
  • Automated calculation of remeasurements of the lease liability and contract modifications
  • Calculation of leases under all transition approaches and accounting policy choices

Find out more about LucaNet’s IFRS 16 offering in our latest webinar. 

We know that deciding on a new solution can be risky and complex and that you need to go beyond the presentation and demonstration, which is why we offer DEMOs and workshops, so we can showcase LucaNet to you.

IFRS 16 - How LucaNet can benefit you


Greater efficiency means having more time for other things. This is precisely what LucaNet’s solution for lease accounting can give you in determining your right-of-use assets and lease liabilities. Based on all the relevant contract data, our leasing tool carries out the necessary calculations each month and shows you the trends in right-of-use assets and lease liabilities over the entire lease term in question.


It’s time to take control. Thanks to the clearly arranged formats in which the LucaNet leasing solution can display your many lease contracts, you’ll be able to achieve greater transparency. Clear structuring of your contracts will lead to improved traceability, as well. Here, LucaNet enables you to break down all your IFRS 16 accounts based on freely definable criteria (an asset class, for example).


Why not make your life easier? The IFRS 16 solution from LucaNet gives you a simple, intuitive, and standardised way to enter your lease contracts, which will help you ensure consistency. You can start by importing your existing contracts into LucaNet using an Excel template.

The LucaNet solution for IFRS 16 helps you to tackle changes in accounting standards head-on.

  • Assessed & recommended by HAYNE Solutions
  • Over 2,700 customers worldwide, e.g. Toshiba
  • UK references, e.g. Generator Hostels & Pirtek
  • Certified by the Public Auditors IDW in Germany
  • Implement, manage and maintain yourself
  • Efficient use of internal finance resource
  • Minimal IT involvement
  • Guaranteed success
  • Fixed price project
  • Free proof-of-concept before you buy
  • Financial and non-financial data collection
  • Data validation
  • Alternate hierarchies
  • Currency conversion
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Minority interests
  • Journal adjustments
  • Workflow
  • Audit trail
  • Statutory reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Financial analysis
  • KPI reporting
  • Automated cash flow
  • Budgeting: financial, operational
  • Planning: top-down, bottom-up, driver-based
  • Forecasting: annual, rolling
  • Efficiency
  • Traceability
  • Consistency

It works with most ERPs, including:

Access Accounts™
Microsoft Dynamics™
Oracle e-Business Suite™
Oracle Peoplesoft™
Sapphire One™
Unit4 Financials™
Unit4 Business World™

and many others!

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