On-demand WEBINAR: TEN ways to maximise your Business Intelligence investment

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Business Intelligence software investment

On-demand WEBINAR: TEN ways to maximise your Business Intelligence investment

Title: TEN ways to maximise your Business Intelligence investment
Date of live webinar: 27th August 2020 
Speaker: Christopher Waite, Business Intelligence Practice Lead, HAYNE Solutions


Business intelligence (BI) is a combination of strategies and technologies used by organisations for the purpose of analysing business data. It provides a look into the past, the present, and the future of business operations. Trusted Business Intelligence is being sought after now, more than ever, to help navigate through times of change and uncertainty.

Most high performing brands already have, or are working towards implementing BI strategies and software, with most having a dedicated BI team focused on maximising the insight which can be obtained from all the data which flows through a business. BI is a vast area, and choosing the right path and the right technology can be daunting.

In this HAYNE webinar, we talk about TEN key elements that you should be utilising in order to maximise your BI investment. If you are on the journey, then this will also help you to identify key features of a BI tool that will deliver the insight your business is looking for.


This 30-minute webinar covers;

  1. The Theory – What is Business Intelligence?
  2. The Technology – TEN key elements and how you should be maximising them
  3. Q&A

Who should watch this?

Senior Analysts and Business Intelligence Professionals responsible for maximising and generating insight from business data. It’s especially relevant to those who want to see how the ‘theory’ translates into the ‘tech’.

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