Message from CEO Neil Whitmore on COVID-19 pandemic

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Message from CEO Neil Whitmore on COVID-19 pandemic

It’s business as usual for us all here at HAYNE Solutions!

We were ahead of the curve and started a work from home plan over 3 weeks ago.  Although we are based in two floors of an office complex in Stratford-upon-Avon we are accustomed to mobile working and therefore the final decision to close offices was made and enacted in only a couple of hours.  Daily face-to-face meetings via Teams have actually enhanced our meetings culture and I see some of that staying PV (post virus).

“Business as usual” means the support team handling tickets as normal, and the HAYNE Cloud team keeping things running smoothly with our many Azure customer servers.  Microsoft experienced an increased demand for cloud servers, caused by companies – who were literally locked out of their on-premise servers – reaching for the Cloud as an instant replacement or for increased capacity.  Add to that the huge demand on the Teams platform due to enforced working from home, and both Microsoft and our Cloud team have been working long hours keeping your lights on.  We’ve also been proud to assist our IBM Cognos Analytics customers in the NHS who have been busily creating bespoke COVID-19 dashboards.

The virus lock-down – threat or opportunity?  Looking at it from a business viewpoint HAYNE Solutions was initially affected by postponed software sales and projects.  Obviously this will make the next few months an interesting time.  However we have seen a couple of positives which help balance out the effects of the lock-down.  Firstly, a project that was due to start last week actually started on time.  The customer in question had not lost sight of the benefits of the project and saw this downtime as an opportunity to change systems while they were quiet.  Secondly, we have seen increased interest in planning solutions, particularly cash flow planning, and there are a lot of potential customers working from home who suddenly have more time through not commuting so there is renewed interest in webinars and remote demos.

So how do I see things changing PV?  Surely an increased acceptance of remote working days where no face-to-face meetings are planned; especially where so many of us are proficient in video meetings (must get a haircut soon!). I also think that with the ecological rest we have given this planet of ours there will be greater acceptance of the green lobby, and with that I think the end of cheap flights.

and finally….

I’d like to personally thank our hardworking staff who have adapted quickly to our changed circumstances and to the NHS and other essential workers who are working flat out to beat the virus.  We’re proud that several of our colleagues have put themselves forward to be part of the “volunteer army” supporting the most vulnerable in our community, whilst we played a small part donating our surplus toilet rolls to the local foodbank.

“Stay safe”, as the new international greeting goes,

Neil Whitmore
Chief Executive Officer
8 April 2020

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