On-Demand WEBINAR: A unified platform with CCH Tagetik

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On-Demand WEBINAR: A unified platform with CCH Tagetik


Speakers: Michelle Gibbs and Nimesh Patel, HAYNE Solutions

Alongside the core finance capabilities of consolidation, budgeting, planning and regulatory compliance, businesses are pushing for a single “unified” platform that will deliver Team Collaboration and Advanced Analytics on both financial and operational data.

Moving to a unified solution brings a variety of benefits including less reliance on IT, lower administration and renewal costs, seamless upgrades, no requirement for integration software and fewer moving parts resulting in less risk.

This 30-minute webinar will showcase the features which distinguish the Tagetik unified platform from similar products on the market:

  • Different databases in one application. Simple use of an additional database, for example weekly cash reporting
  • Use of the analytical workspace with limitless dimensionality transforming high volumes of granular financial and operational data quickly, in order to drill down by sales, channel, category, SKU, marketing, payroll planning
  • Consolidation and planning in one database avoiding any issues with transferring data and improving integrity of information in one single version of the truth
  • Starter kit tools for new accounting standards and regulations such as IFRS 15, 16, 17, iXBRL and Solvency II
  • Collaborative Office produces annual reports, board packs, management packs all from one application for internal, external and regulatory purposes. All with the full functionality of MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint
  • The ability to analyse/drill into finance and operational data in order to deliver BI and interactive dashboards throughout the organisation

Who should watch? CFO’s, Finance Directors and Financial Controllers who want to improve the efficiency and capability of their Finance Team and achieve digital finance transformation.

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