Our partners

We have built strong partnerships with
  • IBM
  • Tagetik
  • Microsoft
  • QUBEdocs
  • CXOCockpit
  • LucaNet

This means that our solutions are always developed around your business and finance team’s needs. We know it’s not one size fits all – your business is unique and will require a different mix of services, software and technology to meet its data and reporting needs.

At HAYNE, we always listen to and understand your business first and then we work closely with you to develop and deliver best in class Financial Performance Management solutions.


We specialise in the entire IBM Cognos Financial Performance Management suite. We are fully IBM Certified Developers for IBM Cognos Controller, TM1, Disclosure Management and Analytics (Business Intelligence) and we are the UK’s largest and most experienced team delivering integrated Cognos solutions. We don’t just sell the software, we become your partner and provide all the resources required for implementation; project management, consultancy and training.

Why partner with us:

  • Gold Certified IBM Partner
  • Fully qualified and experienced IBM staff
  • Training and support services
  • Specialists in consolidation and working with companies experiencing growth and change
  • We can support you from concept to ongoing development of your IBM Cognos install

CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik is a leader in global corporate performance management software solutions. Like HAYNE, it is fully focussed on solutions for the CFO and the Finance Team and continues to grow and develop its offering. They offer an impressive integrated financial and corporate performance management technology platform which can also be delivered in the Cloud. We are the only UK partner of CCH Tagetik and offer un-biased consultancy, project delivery, training and ongoing support services.

Why partner with us:

  • We are the only Tagetik reseller in the UK
  • Fully qualified and experienced Tagetik consultants & developers
  • Consultancy, project delivery, training and ongoing support services
  • Specialists in Financial & Corporate Performance Management solutions
  • We can support you from concept to ongoing development of your Tagetik install


LucaNet is used by over 1,700 companies in Europe and provides small and medium sized businesses with a cost effective financial consolidation software solution. LucaNet can be implemented quickly and simply – saving huge project costs. It provides functionality which enables you to a) Collect, Validate and Consolidate data, b) Budget, Plan and Forecast and c) Analyse, Report and Disclose. We know that deciding on a new solution can be risky and complex and that you need to go beyond the presentation and demonstration, which is why we offer the 30 day trial and 10 days HAYNE consultation.

Why partner with us:

  • Only UK Certified LucaNet Premium Partner
  • Fully qualified and experienced LucaNet staff
  • We offer a 30 day trial and 10 days complimentary consultation
  • LucaNet can be implemented quickly and simply by us – saving huge project costs
  • Training and support services
  • Specialists in consolidation and working with SME’s experiencing growth and change
  • We can support you from concept to ongoing development of your LucaNet solution


By partnering with Microsoft we can deliver a Fully Managed Solution for our clients Financial Performance Management (FPM) solutions.  Microsoft Azure delivers the ability to have dedicated servers, storage and network capacity.  Meaning that your FPM solution and components are maintained, monitored and supported by a dedicated team of Microsoft and IBM certified technical engineers at HAYNE.

Fully managed hosting for FPM

Why partner with us:

  • Microsoft Silver Partners and IBM Gold Certified Partners
  • Fully managed solution – servers, apps and support – it’s all in one place, managed by one partner
  • World’s first IBM Cognos fully managed hosting solution
  • Integrated IBM Cognos solution when moved to the Azure platform, compared to other non-connected hosting options
  • Scalability, data flow, fully integrated IBM Cognos solution
  • Save money – utilise existing Microsoft Office licences
  • Azure have one of the biggest spread of data centres – if one goes down you are covered


QUBEdocs documents your Cognos TM1 models so you don’t have to. It delivers understanding and insight into your TM1 models and provides centralised, interactive and up-to-date information to help develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models.

Why choose QUBEdocs

  • Effortless documentation & visibility – Automatically generate complete, as-built documentation for TM1 models
  • Real business value – Increase collaboration and work more efficiently
  • Powerful decision making – Interrogate your TM1 model and assess the impact of changes
  • Know your models – Understand and interrogate TM1 models and assess the impact of changes before releasing to production
  • Empowered users – Business users can finally have access to the same information that technical experts have
  • Reduce risk – De-risk your critical TM1 resources by keeping IP in-house and control knowledge management


CXO-Cockpit is not just another Business Intelligence platform – it enables real story telling across the whole financial budgeting, planning and forecasting process – delivering more insight and more business-critical intelligence than ever before. Allow your big data the freedom to deliver even bigger actionable insight.

CXO cockpit - Strategic Financial Performance Reporting

Why choose CXO-Cockpit

CXO-Cockpit is a performance reporting platform which connects seamlessly to your existing Financial Performance Management, without IT dependence and costs. CXO-Cockpit empowers finance with a centrally governed reporting process for data and commentary that enables compliance, collaboration and faster close. CXO-Cockpit provides pre-built connectivity to Oracle Hyperion, Essbase, PBCS, SAP BPC, BW, Tagetik, MSSSAS and IBM TM and Cognos Controller.