Performance Management for Healthcare

Improve the
  • auditability of
  • control over
  • efficiency of
your healthcare organisation

We have a solution which loves complex structures, multiple data sources and demanding stakeholders – yet it also remains agile, dynamic and flexible. Our solution is a unique combination of our proven technology – ‘BIDETIME Healthcare Warehouse’ and IBM Cognos Analytics – coupled with the experienced team of consultants and developers at HAYNE Solutions.

BIDETIME Healthcare Warehouse

The Bidetime Healthcare Warehouse is a data repository – able to take activity data from multiple systems and adds value by automating many of the routine processes the information department require to meet local and national reporting. It has pre-built data extraction routines for many of the most common operational software solutions used by the NHS and Healthcare organisations all over the UK.

Our solution delivers:

Single version of the truth

Decisions can be made confidently and quickly

Multi Trust/Data handling capability

Enabling newly merged Trusts to create single national statutory returns

Links patients across multiple sites and systems

Delivering comprehensive patient-centric referral, contact and treatment history

National data sets

For Acute, Community and Mental Health Trusts covering secondary and tertiary

Rules & process

Rules and process for purchaser allocation including HRG allocation

Reports & Alerts

To improve business process including Data Quality analysis.

Contract management

To automate the production of activity detail for finance

Weekly and monthly patient level snapshots

Providing full historic details to facilitate recreation and understanding of previous reporting periods

RTT and Waiting List Management

Including projected waits and alerts

What benefits do you receive?

Chief Executive

You gain insight. A ‘single version of the truth’ is delivered which transforms your vast amounts of dispersed data into accurate, timely, dynamic and accessible reports. Thus allowing you to make accurate and informed decisions with confidence. This new insight facilitates structural change within your organisation.

Head of Information

You get a flexible ‘connector’ which brings together multiple data sources from multiple systems. It extracts, cleans and prepares data ready for use in reports – reducing manual tasks and freeing up staff time to add more value to the core data. You’ll also have the infrastructure to handle mergers, new data sources and growth – whilst still achieving ‘a single version of the truth’.

Information/Data analyst

Handling data from multiple sources is no longer an issue. Pulling reports together, a breeze. Giving you more time to analyse and deliver insightful reports, rather than the pain of keying data in. No more acting as the manual join between computer systems.

Community, patients & staff

The decisions that you make, as a Healthcare organisation, will ultimately affect the community in which you serve. This includes the patients using your facilities, the staff delivering the service and suppliers who provide essential outsourced goods and services. Having the ability to make more informed decisions, backed by accurate and timely data will lead to a more effective delivery of new initiatives and programmes.

Our experience

  • 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the NHS and private healthcare
  • 10 PLUS successful BIDETIME implementations
  • 100 PLUS successful Business Intelligence implementations
  • OVER 4,000 BIDETIME users across the UK
  • EXPERIENCE with the UK’s largest trusts, hospitals and specialist organisations
  • QUALIFIED TEAM of 25+ certified and highly experienced technical team members
  • STRONG PARTNERSHIPS Leading IBM Cognos Analytics Gold Partner
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We have the experience and systems knowledge to be able to help take you from where you are now, to a place where ‘a single version of the truth’ is the norm. Arrange a free HAYNE 3D Vision Workshop today, and let’s begin to map out your journey.