WEBINAR: Plan for anything, be ready for everything with effective Scenario Planning

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WEBINAR: Plan for anything, be ready for everything with effective Scenario Planning

WEBINAR: Plan for anything, be ready for everything with effective Scenario Planning

Webinar title: Plan for anything, be ready for everything with effective Scenario Planning
Date: Thursday 23 July 2020
Time: A 30-minute webinar @ 11 am BST (and available afterward on-demand)
Speaker: Michael Weait, Planning Practice Lead and Planning Analytics TM1 specialist at HAYNE Solutions
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Webinar summary

  • Is your scenario planning process quick enough?
  • How will the increase in remote workers effect the planning process?
  • Are you self sufficient enough to react with speed during change?
  • Does your planning process incur a risk, or does it give competitive advantage?

Being faced with the unknown, unexpected, and downright scary changes, all businesses react. Depending on your industry, process, company culture, customer type, market dependencies, and your own approach to business, we will all react differently. Scenario planning is KEY to being able to react quickly when ‘change’ happens. If you are aware of different scenarios, you can create recovery plans in preparation and be quick to move when/if such change happens. This key insight is not only used to react but as a regular process to avoid risk and inform positive decisions that push the business forward.

Join HAYNE on this webinar where we will show you how, IBM Planning Analytics, a powerful Planning software tool supports integrated scenario planning, aids remote working, and empowers you to be self-sufficient.


This 30-minute webinar will focus on three key areas;

  • Scenario Planning – How does technology support this and give you the edge?
  • Remote Workforce – How can you ensure an effective planning process with a newly expanded remote workforce?
  • Self-sufficient – What impact does being ‘self-sufficient’ have on the business during the planning process and scenario planning?

Who is this webinar for?

Senior Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing or HR Professionals responsible for ‘Planning’ in their business, who want to see how technology, such as IBM Planning Analytics, can deliver powerful scenario planning tools.

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About the speaker
Michael Weait is a passionate, charismatic and energetic System Developer backed by 10 years’ finance experience to Director level. He led a global team producing robust and reliable budgets, forecasts, modelling and analysis across international markets. Michael is a driver of value-added end-to-end TM1/Planning Analytics solutions bringing substantial improvements to the speed, automation, accuracy and reliability of systems, models and analysis in finance and beyond.

About IBM Planning Analytics
Take your planning to a whole new level of collaboration and visualisation with IBM Planning Analytics. Transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting & budgeting to reporting, score carding, analysis, and forecasting. Available on-premise or on-cloud, and with extensive mobile capabilities, IBM Planning Analytics enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets, and forecasts across the entire organisation. Gartner consistently ranks IBM as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for the IBM Cognos suite of finance products.

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