Improve the
  • accessibility of
  • control over
  • efficiency of
your Financial Reporting and Analysis Process

The Financial Reporting and Analysis process is where data can be turned into information and useful insight. This is where the finance team and other business users can add real value to the organisation, understanding what has happened in the past and setting action plans to improve future performance.

In our experience many organisations are either heavily reliant on the IT team to provide reports and visualisation and the finance team to provide data and analysis.

Our trusted vendors

We are proud to partner with market-leaders CCH Tagetik and IBM.

We are your partners

We know that implementing new software, systems and processes require a robust business case and requires internal commitment and capability, which is why we pride ourselves in being ‘partners’ not technology vendors. Working with multiple leading technology providers we choose the right financial reporting solution to meet the individual needs of our customers. We support our clients from strategy, technology development, system implementation, training and on-going support – we are a lifecycle partner for all your Financial Performance Management needs.

We will help you improve…

Availability and self-service


Empowering business users to perform analysis, matching group or individual requirements.


Get more valuable data

Allowing easy communication between business users, reducing decision and action time.


Create more time

Removing manual process and automating delivery of critical business information.


Share more data

Allowing or enabling the wider business community to disseminate and consume business critical information.


Gain more understanding

Helping business understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context for ease of consumption.

Consistency & accuracy

Stay agile and flexible

Creating a common agreed format, that is reliable, consistent, agile and scalable.