Managed Cloud Services

What is HAYNE.Cloud? is a managed cloud service, delivered by HAYNE Solutions and offering a range of cloud services such as cloud hosting, migration, security, management, maintenance and optimisation services. Powered by the global Microsoft Azure platform, and supported by the experienced and skilled cloud technicians at HAYNE, is a Managed Cloud Solution suitable for all types of companies.

Diagram showing - a managed cloud solution

An extension of your IT team

We are an extension of your IT team, your managed cloud services partner – working with you to help you navigate the cloud to maximise your technology, software and platform investments. We keep your business-critical cloud infrastructure safe, secure and running efficiently, leaving you with the time to focus on business growth.

We are solution-focused

Many cloud hosting providers only have knowledge of the infrastructure or platform rather than the entire solution, making support seem patchy and disconnected.  Our technical team are unique as they are solution-focused so they support and maintain the entire solution rather than just focusing on specific applications, platforms or hardware. Start benefiting from a managed cloud service, HAYNE Cloud, contact us. services

Certified, trained and experienced Gold Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) – we provide managed cloud solutions to all types of businesses. Choose as little, or as much support as your business needs. We flex and grow with you. Whether you need cloud hosting, Microsoft Office 365 install, weekly back-ups, business-critical system support, cloud migration projects, or hybrid environments, we have the proven capabilities to help you leverage the power of Microsoft Azure.

An Illustration representing HAYNE cloud - A managed cloud hosting service from HAYNE Solutions.
HAYNE Solutions are a UK Microsoft Azure Partners
HAYNE Solutions are a Gold Microsoft Partner - logos_0008_Crown Commercial Service Supplier_crop
HAYNE partner with Vusion

Why choose HAYNE.Cloud?

Certified Microsoft Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP)

HAYNE is a certified Microsoft Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP). Choosing HAYNE as your MSP, you benefit from having a personal and dedicated, point of contact for all technical queries, support and issues. We ensure reduced confusion over responsibility or accountability.

Illustration showing - a managed cloud solution

Cloud solutions with a personal touch

Your business growth, security and flexibility is a top priority of ours.

About Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an integrated cloud hosting service that businesses worldwide use to build, deploy, and manage various applications through Microsoft’s global network of datacentres. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications, and frameworks of your choice.

HAYNE is a certified Microsoft Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP)
Azure compliance offerings - more than any other provider
Investment per year in security
% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft cloud
Azure regions, more than any other provider

Microsoft Azure Benefits

Dedicated servers

No more competing for resources with noisy neighbours when compared with SaaS or other multi tenancy solutions

Upgrade at any time

Upgrade when it’s suitable for the business, unlike with SaaS solutions there is no forced upgrade path, giving the customer full control

More functionality

Sharing a server with others impacts your ability to scale up or down your application, don’t be held back

Scalable & flexible

You are no longer constrained by hardware limitations, you can upscale vertically or horizontally

Security & compliance

Increased visibility and advanced threat protection with a unified view of security across all hosted workloads.  Help ensure compliance with regulatory security requirements such as ISO.


MS Azure has 56 datacentres around the world.  The data in MS Azure is always replicated so that it is protected from planned and unplanned events such as hardware failures

Microsoft Azure Components


Virtual servers


SQL Databases




Backup and disaster recovery






Access Control



HAYNE.Cloud for IBM Cognos

Not only are we certified in Microsoft Azure but we are leading IBM Cognos consultants and developers – this puts us in a prime position to offer a Fully Managed and Integrated FPM solution for IBM Cognos customers. We can host your IBM Cognos software and provide end-to-end product and application maintenance and support from our Microsoft Azure and IBM Cognos accredited technical team.

Benefits of moving IBM Cognos to HAYNE.Cloud:

  • Performance – We are used to dealing with finance teams and their business processes. We understand how time-critical these are and how frustrating it can be for a finance team when software vendors, software partners and internal IT teams are apportioning blame for poor system performance. With HAYNE.Cloud for IBM Cognos there is no passing the buck – we take responsibility and you get a single point of contact and escalation for all issues.
  • Protecting your investment – There may be several reasons why the IBM Cognos SaaS offering may not be right for you.  If you are already invested in IBM Cognos perpetual licences, you can protect this investment by moving to HAYNE.Cloud.

HAYNE.Cloud for the public sector

HAYNE Solutions is proud to be accredited by G-Cloud as a Government-approved supplier of cloud hosting and support in the public sector. - logos_0008_Crown Commercial Service Supplier_crop