Why should you invest in Integrated Corporate Disclosure Management software?

Corporate Disclosure Management (CDM) software consolidates compliance information and maintains a repository of documents and reports required for regulatory filings and disclosures. It is used to create, compare, and communicate all crucial aspects of your internal and external reporting.  Traditionally Disclosure Management software has focused on financial disclosure. However, now there is a move towards integrated corporate disclosure management software. A solution that spans the whole organisation, and includes both financial and management reporting.

At HAYNE Solutions, we work with our clients to implement leading Integrated CDM software solutions.  Enabling them to move away from manual, high risk processes and towards a better, accurate and more efficient CDM process. Navigating the challenges and the software solutions available can be tricky, which is why we are here. We work with two leading CDM software brands, and provide consultancy, demos, hands-on trials, training and project delivery, plus ongoing support to companies looking to transform their CDM process from manual and risky, to fast, accurate and consistent.

Screenshot of HD Reporting in Certent Disclosure Management software

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How does Integrated Corporate Disclosure Management software work?

Integrated Corporate Disclosure management software works by consolidating compliance information and maintaining a repository of documents and reports required for regulatory filings and disclosures, across the whole business, not just finance. An integrated solution allows multiple data sources such as your Corporate, Financial Performance management software, and/or excel databases to feed into the solution. It then compiles them together to deliver insightful, visual, and accurate reports for both internal and external reporting. A good CDM solution automates most of this process, to reduce risk and improve efficiency, allowing you more time to focus on deriving insight and less time checking the accuracy of the data.

A typical Integrated CDM process looks like this…

A diagram of an Integrated Corporate Disclosure Management software

What Corporate Disclosure Management software solutions are there?

CCH Tagetik logo on a laptop screen, leading Corporate Disclosure management software

CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office

Integrated Financial & Corporate Performance management solution with powerful Corporate Disclosure Management software

CCH Tagetik is a unified Corporate & Financial Performance Management solution that includes Collaborative Office, a powerful Corporate Disclosure Management tool. CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office provides narrative alongside numbers, so you can tell the whole story with confidence. CCH Tagetik connects data, processes and reporting together with seamless integration to MS Office PowerPoint & Word, so you can report faster, distribute easily across the organisation and make faster decisions. With collaboration tools, workflow and self-service reporting mean that finance and operations can deliver accurate, crucial reports to inform decisions, fast.

Want to see this powerful software in action? Request a CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office demo.

Certent logo on a laptop screen, leading Corporate Disclosure management software

Certent CDM

Corporate Disclosure Management software with High Definition (HD) Financial & Regulatory Reporting.

A Corporate Disclosure Management platform to create, compare and communicate all crucial aspects of internal and external reporting with flexible deployment, on-premises, or in the cloud to best support your global business needs. Certent CDM is the first to deliver High-Definition (HD) Reporting℠ – providing a superior quality viewing experience over any other solution on the market.

Want to see this powerful software in action? Request a Certent demo.

Benefits of Integrated Corporate Disclosure Management software:



FASTER REPORTING, Cons & Planning cycles

TRANSPARENCY and Drill-down

ALIGNMENT across the business finance


AUTOMATION to Increase accuracy and reduce errors


COREP/FINREP COMPLIANCE made consistent, repeatable, and controlled

SEC/EDGAR – Streamline & reduce risk


QUICK ADOPTION with MINIMAL LEARNING CURVE as familiar Microsoft Office™ are utilised



SOLVENCY II Automated to reduce risk and stay ahead of the complexity curve

SECURE & DIRECT CONNECTORS into major financial accounting and consolidation systems


INDUSTRY No.1 XBRL database

ESMA ESEF – Produce ESEF compliant Inline XBRL reports with industry-leading solution

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Diagram showing that HAYNE Solutions are Certent and Tagetik partners.
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A client case study

Cemented relationship with HAYNE Solutions

“We provided HAYNE with reports that we needed building and they were able to build these to our requirements. The team was always available when required to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns we had.”


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What do our customers say?

At year end we have to publish 13 sets of annuals reports. This was a time consuming and manual task. Tagetik has now automated this task leading to a more timely review and less areas of error.

Jemma RedmondGroup Financial Systems Manager - Sureserve

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