Spotlight 2017 presentations

HAYNE Spotlight 2017

View the presentations delivered at Spotlight 2017 below:

Morning sessions

Introduction and welcome, by Neil Whitmore

Changing the Role of Finance, by Mark Cracknell (available on request to rebecca.dagostino@hayne.co)

  1. How do you deliver dynamic & insightful reporting? by CXO Cockpit
  2. What’s new in Cognos Controller 10.3?  by Howard Lancashire & Hugo Halgreen
  3. Documenting & controlling your TM1 environment, by QUBEdocs

The Reality of Cloud, by Tony Redding

Afternoon sessions

  1. Long live the spreadsheet, by ClusterSeven
  2. How to create time & become adaptable & agile, by Terry Hall & Alex Walters
  3. Tips & tricks – IBM Cognos Controller, by Neil Whitmore

Where to now? An innovative approach to uncertainty, by Tony Redding

HAYNE Spotlight 2017