Strategy & Advisory

Delivering a vision of

By moving finance to the very heart of the business and utilising the finance team as an in- house strategic advisor rather than as a bookkeeper ensures consistency of purpose, strict governance, accuracy of direction, guidance and enhanced business agility through clarity, visibility and dissemination of clear corporate data.

At HAYNE, our consultants have worked in industry, in senior finance and operational positions. We understand that ‘best-in-class’ financial performance goes far beyond the core financial processes. We know what technology is capable of and how it can be leveraged to provide tangible business benefit. We also understand how future changes and uncertainty are likely to impact the Finance team and wider business community.

We will help you improve…


Flex and grow

Easily deal with changes in organisational structure or corporate objectives.

Continuous assessment

Stay ahead

Providing unbiased comparisons of performance.


Create more time

Removing manual process and automating delivery of critical business information.


Adapt quickly

Access to relevant and scarce resources, plugging potential skills shortages.

Knowledge base

Valuable knowledge

Allowing you access to our domain experience and knowledge of the technology landscape.

Probability of program success

Less risk

Identification and avoidance of project risk.