WEBINAR: The Future is Extended Planning and Analysis

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Webinar: The Future is xP&A - Extended Planning & Analysis

WEBINAR: The Future is Extended Planning and Analysis

Webinar title: The Future is Extended Planning and Analysis

Find out more about how to bring together formerly disjointed departments into a cohesive group plan by adopting xP&A

Date: Thursday 18th November at 11am (GMT)
Duration: 40 minutes


  • Neil Whitmore, ACMA, CGMA, MCP & CEO at HAYNE Solutions
  • Sam Green, Sales Executive at HAYNE Solutions
  • Paul Husbands, Partner Manager – Planning & Analytics Solutions at IBM


Financial Planning is no longer the sole responsibility of finance. It should span the entire organisation to deliver integrated, automated, streamlined and accurate business planning, reporting and cross-department insight.  In this webinar, we delve further into what xP&A involves and why you should be taking steps towards adoption.

As stated recently by Gartner “xP&A heralds a transformation of financial planning & analysis via a single platform with the integration and services needed for finance and business teams to collaborate.”


This 40-minute webinar will cover;

  1. Current process / Challenges overview
  2. Moving towards xP&A
  3. The link between xP&A and UK SOX…
  4. The xP&A Checklist
  5. Where do HAYNE fit in to the equation?

Who is this webinar for?

Senior Finance and Operational Professionals from organisations looking to understand and adopt xP&A.

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