Upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics and achieve
  • more functionality
  • investment security
  • longevity
  • improved reporting
  • improved efficiencies

IBM Cognos BI is now out of IBM support as of the 30th April 2018 and it’s changed its name to IBM Cognos Analytics! So, what does this mean to you as an IBM Cognos BI user? Is your Cognos BI system going to fall down and stop working? The answer is no, it will continue to run and deliver the same reports which you have been used to receiving.

That is until ‘something’ goes wrong…

There are two compelling reasons to act now. The first is to avoid the risk of system failure. The second is a more positive one; you will get access to new functionality and capability in IBM Cognos Analytics. IBM have invested a lot in developing the BI solution to be more self-service and functionally rich, which we look at further down the page!

How can HAYNE help you?

We are experts in IBM Cognos Analytics (previously Cognos BI) and can assist with your upgrade in the following ways:

  • Install – Technical installation by our experienced, fully certified IBM Technical team
  • Upgrade with ease – we help you plan and scope out your next move
  • Testing support – we assist you with testing to ensure everything works as you expect it to
  • Migration support  – handling your queries, issues and concerns throughout the migration process
  • Cognos Analytics v11 User Training – friendly, knowledgeable training team on hand to ensure you maximise the use of your upgraded Cognos Analytics

We are your trusted IBM Cognos Analytics partners

We are experienced at delivering IBM Cognos BI (now Cognos Analytics) solutions in both the private and public sector. We know that implementing an upgrade requires a robust business case, internal commitment and capability, which is why we pride ourselves in being ‘partners’ not technology vendors. More importantly, we know how to combine people, process and technology to deliver a best-in-class reporting solution.

We are an IBM Gold Business Partner

Our reputation is well-known in the UK (and increasingly elsewhere!) for our dedication to deliver and support best in class IBM Cognos solutions. Our experience ranges from small to large organisations, through private and public sector. The combination of the HAYNE focus and the strength of the IBM Cognos Solution delivers results for our clients time and time again.

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New functionality and capability in IBM Cognos Analytics

New interface

Enabling users to undertake “data discovery” and “traditional BI reporting” in one space.

Story telling & visualisation enhancements

Create rich ‘data stories’ with infographics, more chart types and layouts which help create flow to your reports, thus encouraging understanding and easy digestion of important data.

Intent-driven modelling

New smart technology based on IBM Watson technology allowing you to use natural language to search for answers.

Data discovery

Enhanced data modules and dash boarding.

Dashboard creation

Drag and drop data to suit your reporting and analysis needs.

Mobile access & authoring

Allowing you to view and author on the go.

Upload data files

Store data from delimited text and Excel files on the file system rather than in-memory or in an RDBMS.

Plus more...

  • Powerful geospatial mapping is ready to go
  • Subscribe to, create alerts for and access your reports in ‘My Subscriptions’