Upgrading from IBM Cognos BI to Cognos Analytics – what you need to know

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Upgrading from IBM Cognos BI to Cognos Analytics

Upgrading from IBM Cognos BI to Cognos Analytics – what you need to know

IBM Cognos BI will be out of IBM support come 30th April 2018 and it’s also changing its name to IBM Cognos Analytics. So, what does this mean to you as an IBM Cognos BI user? Is your Cognos BI system going to fall down and stop working? The answer is no, it will continue to run and deliver the same reports which you have been used to receiving.

That is until ‘something’ goes wrong…

Everything will be fine until you come up against a technical problem. If this happens, you’re on your own as IBM will not be delivering any more bug fixes. Your only option will be to work-around the problem or upgrade to a supported version, now re-named IBM Cognos Analytics. This represents a huge risk, especially if you rely upon Cognos BI to deliver reports to your business, reports that are used to make critical decisions.

You have until 30 April 2018 to do something about this.

Whose responsibility is it to manage the risk to your IBM Cognos BI solution?

Who would be in the firing line if your business-critical reporting failed because you were not on a supported version of the software? Who is going to tell the CEO that reports cannot be run? It might be you? Your IT team? Whoever made the decision to not upgrade to a supported version may have a lot of explaining to do.

Why should you act now and upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics?

There are two compelling reasons to act now. The first is to avoid the risk of system failure. The second is a more positive one; you will get access to new functionality and capability in IBM Cognos Analytics. IBM have invested a lot in developing the BI solution to be more self-service and functionally rich. This includes:

  • NEW INTERFACE – enabling users to undertake “data discovery” and “traditional BI reporting” in one space.
  • STORY TELLING & VISUALISATION ENHANCEMENTS – Create rich ‘data stories’ with infographics, more chart types and layouts which help create flow to your reports, thus encouraging understanding and easy digestion of important data.
  • INTENT-DRIVEN MODELLING – New smart technology based on IBM Watson technology allowing you to use natural language to search for answers.
  • DATA DISCOVERY – enhanced data modules and dash boarding.
  • DASHBOARD CREATION – drag and drop data to suit your reporting and analysis needs.
  • MOBILE ACCESS & AUTHORING – Allowing you to view and author on the go.
  • UPLOAD DATA FILES – Store data from delimited text and Excel files on the file system rather than in-memory or in an RDBMS.
  • OUT-THE-BOX GEOSPATIAL MAPPING – Powerful geospatial mapping is ready to go, out of the box.
  • ALERTS & SUBSCRIPTIONS – Subscribe to, create alerts for and access your reports in ‘My Subscriptions’.

How do you upgrade to IBM Cognos Analytics?

If you are just starting your journey or if you are already planning for the upgrade – watch the informative webinar – ‘Upgrading from IBM Cognos BI to IBM Cognos Analytics’ now.

The recorded webinar covers;

  1. Why you need to upgrade from IBM Cognos BI to IBM Cognos Analytics
  2. A demonstration of IBM Cognos Analytics showing new features and capabilities
  3. What are the key considerations in planning the upgrade
  4. How HAYNE can help you with your upgrade journey
  5. Q&A – answering all your burning questions about the upgrade
Watch now ‘Upgrading from IBM Cognos BI to IBM Cognos Analytics’
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