WEBINAR series: Achieving Finance Nirvana – part 3

WEBINAR series: Achieving Finance Nirvana – part 3

CCH Tagetik

Date: 24 April 2019 @ 11am GMT Register now

Speakers: Mark Cracknell ACA, Director, HAYNE Solutions and Martin Brown FCCA, CPIM, CSCP, HAYNE Solutions

The definition of ‘Nirvana’ is a state of freedom from all suffering, a state of being perfect. For many finance professionals and finance teams, you are as far away from ‘Nirvana’ as you could be. You are being stretched to the limit by the changing expectations of the organisations you work for. You are suffering from increasing regulatory requirements, increasing volumes of data, increasing demands for information or a combination of all three, often with reduced time-lines. This is far from perfect and is causing suffering.

So, how can you achieve ‘Finance Nirvana’ or at least move towards it?

HAYNE is in a privileged position, working with many leading companies across multiple industries. We get to see how Finance Teams operate. We understand what works and what does not, what is right and what is wrong. We have formed a view on what ‘Finance Nirvana’ is and how it can be achieved. Our mission over this 3 part webinar series is to share our vision with you.

What will you learn on this webinar?

We will provide a summary overview of Parts 1 and 2 of the webinar series covering the key points raised.

In Part 3 we will focus on the Analysing and Reporting demands on the Finance Team. We will look at how ‘one version of the truth’ enables you to deliver consistent and timely information to the organisation. We will discuss the key functionality that is available and how this can be used to automate the report assembly process as well as provide you with the tools to analyse data and add insight and value.

We will then demonstrate what a best-in-class reporting process looks like, bringing together various data sets (actuals and budgets/forecasts) for analysis. We will also demonstrate how narrative can be combined with numbers to automatically deliver internal management reports as well as external regulatory reports (e.g. Annual Statements) at the press of a button – a key characteristic of ‘Finance Nirvana’.

We will conclude by bringing the webinar series together, showing how improving your core processes can move you towards ‘Finance Nirvana’. We will summarise how the CCH Tagetik unified solution plays a significant role, all three core processes delivered seamlessly in one place. We will also discuss how this platform can be developed to deliver other requirements, such as reconciliation and regulatory compliance (e.g. IFRS 16 and 17).

Who should attend?

CFO’s, Finance Directors and Financial Controllers from organisations who want to discover how to improve the efficiency and capability of their Finance Team and achieve ‘Finance Nirvana’.

About the speakers

This live webinar will be hosted by HAYNE Director Mark Cracknell ACA, a qualified accountant who has spent a total of 30+ years working in the finance arena both in industry and as a consultant.

HAYNE is a market leader in delivering Financial Performance Management solutions which help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Finance Team. HAYNE work with a number of leading vendors which allows us to help you compare and select the right solution for you.


  • Summary and re-cap of Parts 1 and 2
  • Issued faced by Finance in the Reporting and Analysis process
  • Demonstration: Reporting and Analysis using CCH Tagetik
  • CCH Tagetik – helping you achieve ‘Finance Nirvana’
  • Summary and Questions

Book now for Part 3

However if you are unable to attend and would like to receive a copy of any of the recordings from the series please email rebecca.dagostino@hayne.co

CCH Tagetik
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