WEBINAR: IBM Cognos TM1 documentation made easy with QUBEdocs

Nov 30, 2018

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Speakers: Rebecca D’Agostino, Marketing Manager, HAYNE Solutions and Scott Felton, QUBEdocs

The backbone of IBM Planning Analytics is the IBM Cognos TM1 engine, a proven, well-loved and solid platform for developing budgeting, planning and reporting solutions.

Documentation can play a very important role in helping you to maximise your use of IBM Planning Analytics/Cognos TM1 and to reduce risk.

However, the reality is often that documentation is too high level, incomplete or out of date.  At HAYNE, we know from bitter experience that achieving the level of documentation required is extremely time-consuming if not impossible when attempted manually.

Do you…

  • Spend too much time managing TM1 documents and models?
  • Want to reduce the pain of managing IBM Cognos TM1 documentation and models?
  • Want to get more understanding and insight from your TM1 models?
  • Wish for centralised, interactive and up-to-date information which helps develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models?

This is where QUBEdocs comes in

QUBEdocs documents your Cognos TM1 models so you don’t have to. It delivers understanding and insight into your TM1 models and provides centralised, interactive and up-to-date information to help develop, administer and monitor your TM1 models.

It enhances IBM Cognos TM1 by adding a new dimension of visibility and information governance. It is a proven solution for addressing the everyday challenges of Cognos TM1 analysts and developers. By delivering meaningful documentation of TM1 models, it virtually eliminates many of the time consuming tasks (and overheads) associated with managing and making risk-free changes to TM1 models.

New features for 2019

Scott Felton from QUBEdocs will also demonstrate the new features which provide even great functionality and usability:

  • Visualise Model Dependencies

Customise, Save and Re-Use Model / Ecosystem Diagrams

  • Consistent User Experience

Customise, Save and Re-Use Advanced Searches

  • Log File Search & Analysis

Show Errors over Time

Filter & Search Logs

Drill Down / Expand Out

  • End User Documentation Wiki

Create User Defined Docs with Dynamic Content

Insert Dynamic Content is always Up-To-Date

Organise with Templates, Categories and Versions

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at users and administrators of IBM Planning Analytics and TM1.

About the speakers

Hosting this webinar will be HAYNE’s marketing manager Rebecca D’Agostino. Scott Felten is the General Manager at QUBEdocs and brings many years experience from the Business Analytics world.


  • Introduction from Rebecca D’Agostino
  • QUBEdocs DEMO by Scott Felten
  • Summary and Q&A

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