WEBINAR: Making the finance team’s dream a reality

WEBINAR: Making the finance team’s dream a reality

Date: 13 November 2018 @ 11am Register now

Speaker: Mark Cracknell, Director, HAYNE Solutions

What is the dream of most finance teams?

Whilst there is talk about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, in our experience most finance teams just want efficient and effective processes. For many, financial consolidation, budgeting/planning and reporting are manually intensive and often disjointed. How much easier would life be if all these processes were not only automated but also integrated? This would then allow the finance team to spend more time adding value rather than spending the majority of their time on low-level tasks.

What will you learn on this webinar?

We will discuss some of the issues faced by finance teams and how a vision for a fully integrated solution can be achieved. We will cover where organisations sometimes go wrong in approaching this subject and the best strategy for maximum success.

We will demonstrate how one technology (CCH Tagetik) can provide you with a “unified” solution covering all the needs of the finance team.

Who should attend?

CFOs, Group Financial Controllers and FP&A teams who are seeking to improve their current finance processes.


  • Issues faced by finance teams: consolidate and close, budgeting/planning, reporting and analysis, production of reports
  • Common mistakes when trying to solve these issues
  • Technology demonstration: CCH Tagetik – one unified solution
  • How HAYNE can help you achieve your dream
  • Summary and Questions
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