WEBINAR: Moving IBM Cognos to the Cloud

WEBINAR: Moving IBM Cognos to the Cloud

Dates: 27 September @ 2.30pm

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  • Tony Redding, Sales Director
  • Terry Hall, Development Manager and IBM Cognos expert
  • Steven Sainsbury, Head of Cloud Infrastructure


Did you know that by moving your IBM Cognos solution to the cloud you can gain more benefits than you realised?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Reduce your carbon footprint significantly
  • Business Continuity – Negate the risk of critical business systems going offline
  • Bottom Line – Significant savings can be made by making the move to the cloud
  • PLUS a more flexible, future ready FPM Solution


Join the HAYNE webinar where we will answer all your burning questions about making the move to the cloud and how it will hugely improve your IBM Cognos flexibility and your business.

Why join this webinar?

If you are using IBM Cognos TM1, Controller, BI, SPSS or CDM – you will learn how moving to the Cloud will maximise your ROI and future-proof your investment in IBM Cognos.

You will learn about:

  • Your options for Cloud and how you can make the move
  • Top things to consider when choosing a cloud partner
  • End-to-end management of your business critical systems – what this means and how it can provide you with a competitive advantage
  • Protecting your investment – How you can use your current software licences
  • Assured performance – No more competing for resources with other applications and users
  • Upgrading at any time – when it suits you not the software vendor
  • Elasticity – Scaling servers up and down to meet your performance requirements
  • Security – How you can ensure compliance to international and industry-specific standards
  • Resilience – HAYNE Cloud on Azure has 38 datacentres around the world, if one goes down you have plenty waiting to back you up
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