Power Charge IBM Cognos Controller in five ways (Webinar recording)

Power Charge IBM Cognos Controller in five ways (Webinar recording)


Power Charge your use of IBM Cognos Controller in five ways

  • Neil Whitmore, Director, HAYNE Solutions
  • Howard Lancashire, Senior Consolidation Consultant, HAYNE Solutions

Many companies have continued to use IBM Cognos Controller without keeping up-to-date with new features or developing their solutions beyond the initial build.

So, are you missing a trick? Could your finance team be delivering much more to the business?

What will you learn on this webinar?

You will discover how other organisations utilise IBM Cognos Controller during month/year end to deliver a smooth, efficient and effective financial close and consolidation process.

Who should watch this?

This webinar is invaluable to anyone who currently relies on using IBM Cognos Controller to deliver important month/year end reports and analysis. It’s for those finance professionals who want to protect their IBM investment, gain efficiencies and ultimately make their lives easier with a best-in-class IBM Cognos Controller solution.

Webinar agenda:

  • ONE – Cognos Controller Web – pros and cons of the new version and planning for its us
  • TWO – Improving the data upload process – automatic extracts of ERP data
  • THREE – Reporting and analysis – enhancing capability and control, including adding narrative and reporting on external budgeting and planning data
  • FOUR – Improve system performance – discuss Cloud deployment and the benefits
  • FIVE – Keeping environments separate – best practice around upgrades and structural changes
  • How HAYNE can help you plan your next steps
  • Q&A
What next

Contact us to discover how we can help supercharge your IBM Cognos Controller solution OR arrange a HAYNE 3D Vision Workshop where we can review your entire Financial Planning, Reporting and Analytics process.

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