On-Demand WEBINAR: Strategic Workforce Planning – Then Vs Now

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WEBINAR: Strategic Workforce Planning – Then Vs Now

On-Demand WEBINAR: Strategic Workforce Planning – Then Vs Now

Webinar title: Strategic Workforce Planning – Then Vs Now
Time: 40 mins
Speaker: Nimesh Patel, Lead CPM Consultant & Michael Weait, Planning Practice Lead at HAYNE Solutions


Since March 2020, we have seen significant changes in the workforce landscape for most businesses. Whether it’s new shift patterns, fluctuations in staff, significant new health and safety measures, expansion of home working or complete redesigns of shop, factory and office floor plans.

This huge shift, has had a real impact on carrying out effective ‘Workforce Planning’. It has been, and still is, a major challenge to most brands in these uncertain times. How do you manage a dynamic workforce in times of uncertainty?

One way is through ‘Strategic Workforce Planning’ – which is where strategy, plans, data and technology are combined to make workforce decisions which meet your companies financial, productivity and HR targets. By taking a Strategic approach, workforce planning doesn’t just sit with HR, it spans the entire business. People are one of the biggest, if not THE biggest expenditure, so maximising this area is crucial. From Finance to Operational Planning and Change Management to Workforce Planning – everyone needs to be able to plan, project and maximise productivity.

Watch the webinar to understand how, by choosing the right technology, you can unlock the true potential of strategic work force planning which will help drive business growth in times of turbulence and change.


This 40-minute webinar focuses on;

  1. The Theory – Strategic Workforce Planning and its place in the wider business planning process
  2. The Tech – How the right technology can deliver real benefits, efficiencies and competitiveness.
  3. Demo – see the tech in action. We will showcase two leading solutions, Tagetik & IBM Planning Analytics.
  4. Q&A

Who should watch this?

Senior Finance, Operational Planning, Change & Workforce Planning Professionals responsible for budgeting, planning and forecasting. It’s especially relevant to those who want to see how the ‘theory’ translates into the ‘tech’.

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