On-Demand WEBINAR: Taking the pain out of IFRS 16 compliance

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On-Demand WEBINAR: Taking the pain out of IFRS 16 compliance

Webinar title: Taking the pain out of IFRS 16 compliance

A handy guide from HAYNE Solutions & LucaNet

Live webinar first broadcast on Tuesday 22nd June 2021 at 11am (BST)
Duration: 40 minutes
Speaker: Tobias Koller, Senior IFRS 16 Consultant, LucaNet – Neil Whitmore, ACMA, CGMA, MCP & CEO at HAYNE Solutions, and Michelle Gibbs, Sales Director at HAYNE Solutions


Another year has passed since IFRS 16 was introduced. After years of clever schemes to deliver off-balance-sheet financing, the authorities issued IFRS 16 and ASC 842 standards focusing on transparency of lease obligations on the balance sheet. Yet another change in accounting regulation for the Finance Team to deal with.

Now we have been through the first wave of IFRS 16…

How are businesses coping with compliance with IFRS 16?

How are you coping with meeting compliance?

Are you, like many others, realising that existing systems and spreadsheets are just not cut out to handle this complex area?

If you are – then join us and our partner LucaNet, on this webinar. We will share our experience so far, give guidance and show you how IFRS 16 software can take the risk and pain away from IFRS 16 compliance.


This 40-minute webinar will cover;

  1. Where we are now
  2. Key steps to consider when complying with IFRS 16
  3. What does this mean in practice?
  4. Where are you with IFRS 16?
  5. How IFRS 16 software can take the risk and pain away, includes: demo of LucaNet’s IFRS16 software solution
  6. Q&A Session with our experts

Who should watch this?

Smart Senior Finance Professionals who are looking for a better, more efficient way to handle IFRS 16 compliance by way of choosing the right IFRS 16 compliance software solution.

How to watch?

Complete the form below to access the webinar. You will receive an email with the link to view.

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