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IBM Planning Analytics for Excel – What’s New in June 2020

Webinar: 30 June 2020 at 11am GMT

Spreadsheets are and, will likely remain, a popular tool – they just need a little help!  This 30-minute webinar will showcase the new features in PAX versions 2.0.51, 2.0.52, 2.0.53 such as:

  • Updating the datasource or package for Exploration Views in bulk
  • Improvements to the set editor
  • All connections are switching to IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

Plan for anything, be ready for everything - with IBM Planning Analytics

Webinar: 23 July 2020 at 11am GMT

Take your planning to a whole new level of collaboration and visualisation with IBM Planning Analytics! Transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting & budgeting to reporting, score carding, analysis and forecasting.  Available on-premise or on-cloud, and with extensive mobile capabilities, IBM Planning Analytics enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts across the entire organisation.  In this webinar we will show you the features and functionality which distinguish it from other similar products.

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace – What’s New in August 2020

Webinar: 11 August 2020 at 11am GMT

On-demand webinars

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace – What’s New in May 2020

Webinar: 19 May 2020 at 11am GMT

With the power of IBM Planning Analytics you can spend less time on preparing your data and more time on value-added analysis.  Easily visualise your data and quickly create reports, plans, content and dashboards with this user-friendly and attractive Workspace interface.

This 30-minute webinar showcases the new features in PAW versions 2.0.47, 2.0.48, 2.0.49 and 2.0.52 such as:

  • Create a cube by importing a text file
  • Improvements to importing into dimensions
  • Apply aggregate calculations in a view
  • Abbreviate numbers in views to thousands or millions
  • Identify broken button links when you migrate a snapshot
  • Hierarchies are now sorted alphabetically
  • Enable security access for processes
  • Usability improvements in the set editor
  • Download a log file that records changes to the availability status of your database
  • Quick access to Save as and Reload book actions
  • New book icons