Improve the
  • adaptability of
  • control over
  • efficiency of
your Budgeting & Planning Process

Many organisations still rely on spreadsheet models that are complex and risky and unable to meet the demands of the organisation. With the uncertainty that currently exists due to Coronavirus and other factors, companies are increasingly reliant upon the finance team to deliver an enterprise wide Budgeting & Planning process that meets the business needs.

How can we help you?

We work with companies of all sizes and industries to develop and implement a robust, time efficient and effective Financial Budgeting, Planning & Reporting process. Our consultants are a mix of highly experienced finance professionals and Budgeting & Planning systems experts. Therefore we understand the challenges which the finance team faces. By listening to and understanding our clients needs we deliver best-in-class Budgeting & Planning systems and deliver real, tangible results. Working with multiple leading technology providers we choose the right solution to meet the individual needs of our customers.

We are proud to implement and support market-leading planning products such as CCH Tagetik and  IBM Planning Analytics.

We are also able to help organisations adopt Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A).

Align Financial Processes, People and the right Technology

Taking a holistic approach to solutions, we help you to align your financial processes, your finance team and choose the right technology which will enable you, your team and your business to grow.

We are your trusted partners

We know that implementing a new system and process requires a robust business case and requires internal commitment and capability, which is why we pride ourselves in being ‘partners’ not technology vendors. More importantly we know how to combine people, process and technology to deliver a best-in-class Financial Budgeting, Planning & Reporting system and process.

We will help you improve…

Control & Security

Reduce risk

Gain more control and increase security over the model, data and the process itself


Get more valuable data

Allowing an enterprise-wide budgeting and planning process that can be devolved to the business users.


Create more time

Automation of repetitive and low-value manual tasks, consolidation of the data, enabling real-time update and review.


Adapt quickly

Budgeting and planning that can be easily adapted to model multiple scenarios and future changes in structures, rules and relationships.



Deliver insight

Extend beyond traditional budgeting and planning and with forward-looking predictive and cognitive capability.


Get peace of mind

Enables finance and business users to create timely, secure and reliable plans, budgets and forecasts.
HAYNE Solutions are IBM Gold Partners
HAYNE Solutions are a Gold Microsoft Partner
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