Project Governance

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Projects delivered

We’re not just about project management, we’re about project governance. With the HAYNE Project Governance Framework, our goal is to guide ‘business change’ in a structured and smooth fashion.

Our approach is rooted in best-practice principles, but we’re not rigid. We flex and adapt to deliver a wide array of products and services. This agility ensures that we successfully implement business solutions that really hit the mark.

The process

Deliver business change

The HAYNE Project Governance Framework provides a wrapper around the specific implementation methodologies adopted in delivering the required business solutions.

Business change in itself presents problems of an organisational nature and our Project Governance Framework provides stewardship in managing risks, actions, issues and decisions to ensure successful delivery of the solution and capability.

Build the capability

The HAYNE Project Governance Framework suggests five stages in building capability:
• Project Initiation
• Infrastructure Build
• Solution Development
• Solution Testing
• Solution go-live transition

Throughout these stages project management tasks are performed to initiate, plan, resource, execute, monitor and close each stage.

Realise the benefits

The HAYNE Project Governance Framework provides guidance on the key stages and tasks required to ensure that the solution is adopted fully by the Business, including:
• End user training
• Benefits management
• Change communication
• Readiness review
• Post go-live support
• Continuous improvement

Governance in action

At HAYNE, we’re all about making your project journey seamless and successful. Here’s what we bring to the table:

One point of contact

You will get a dedicated project manager

Robust project planning

Starting with a HAYNE 3D Vision workshop and supported by a detailed project plan

Experienced and qualified project team

Implementing superior standards with our Prince2 certified project managers

Transparency & Honesty

Throughout our communications and reports, you can be sure you always know exactly what’s going on


We scale our project governance based on your requirements


To making sure that you are happy and that your project is delivered