ESG Reporting

Sustainability performance and ESG data have become vitally important components of corporate reports and are of considerable significance to investors, customers, and rating agencies.

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To remain leaders in their industries, organisations must highlight their social and environmental performance and commitment to CSR principles. The market is already seeing large corporations pushing their ESG requirements down onto their smaller suppliers.

What is the ESG reporting framework?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and is the measurement for assessing the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a business’s environmental, social, and governance risk.

When you consider the shifting attitudes towards social responsibility, both from customers and businesses, as well as the rise of ESG investment, it becomes clear why this topic is of significant importance. Most businesses now say ESG factors are an integral part of business or investments. It is also a key point that is considered when people are considering their next job opportunity.

Many businesses are searching for ways to remain sustainable and socially responsible, as these are positive points for businesses, governments, and customers. After all, what supports a Business more than knowing you’re doing it with a company that cares about its own impact on society?

With many companies looking to embrace ESG reporting, it’s important to understand how it works, what ESG compliance looks like, and what using our solution means to be available to them.

Why ESG is important

For many years and certainly, following the COVID-19 pandemic, ESG has led to consumers and governments being forced to get to carbon net zero and being asked to pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in a climate action plan.

Day-to-day operations in the context of environmental, social, and governance, need to consider the best options for their business to head towards the government’s pledges.

UK Government has yet to state its requirements for ESG reporting, but the more forward-thinking business leaders understand the need for it anyway. A strong ESG performance means higher revenues can be gained, less risk, and more resilience during tough, competitive periods.

ESG is also a focal point for suppliers & customers looking for trustworthy companies & partners to work with. Reporting progress in this field shows that businesses are transparent about internal processes and make an effort towards bettering performance, this information shows off how committed a business is to adhering to positive ESG guidelines.

Key Features and Benefits of an ESG Solution

Streamlines reporting

Provides flexible reporting tools to meet internal and external ESG and sustainability reporting requirements.

Automated Data Collection

Collect and normalise key data in an automated and controlled fashion

Scenario Plan

Plan for a better future. Play out ESG scenarios to see both real-world and bottom-line impacts. Use what-if analysis to improve the impact of sustainability plans while reducing costs, limiting risk, and optimising resources.

ESG Performance

Collect and analyse ESG metrics from across your value chain, identify risks and opportunities for performance improvement, and drive better outcomes.

Built-in data calculation

KRIs and converged KPIs calculation

Comply easily, quickly and transparently

Meet evolving ESG reporting requirements with ease.

Why a solution over Excel?

The ability to effectively scenario plan and forecast is a powerful skill that leads to confident decision-making. By integrating data from multiple sources, you can create a single repository of information, ensuring that there is only one version of the truth.

This comprehensive approach allows for a variety of reports to be generated, which can be easily drilled down into deeper insights. Ultimately, this streamlined process not only provides a competitive advantage but also empowers businesses to make informed choices that drive growth and success.

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