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The HAYNE support team…

supports the following applications:

  • IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)
  • IBM Cognos Controller
  • IBM Cognos Analytics (BI)
  • Certent Disclosure Management
  • CCH Tagetik
  • LucaNet 10 and prior
  • Microsoft Azure cloud

is powered by:

  • industry leading monitoring tools
  • helpdesk ticketing by Spice Works
  • Cloud services/hosting with Microsoft Azure

has the following qualifications:

  • Certified in IBM, CCH Tagetik, LucaNet and all HAYNE product offerings
  • Microsoft Tech Specialist-Win Server
  • Microsoft Certified Pro-Win Server
  • Microsoft Certified IT Pro-Win Server
  • Microsoft Solutions Associate-Win Server
  • Microsoft Certified Sols Expert-Cloud
  • Microsoft Certified Prod Specialist-Azure
  • Citrix Certified Administrator-XenApp

HAYNE Assist

Standard support

We are approved service providing partners, so we deliver our application services to the same Service Level Agreement levels as the vendors we partner with.  If your ticket requires development input we escalate the issue directly to the vendor on your behalf.

Our customer focused helpdesk are there to help you with problems, questions or concerns you may have with your applications such as; issues with intended functionality, configuration and code production problems or upgrades. So if you are thinking of choosing HAYNE as your project partner or switching your current support from another provider – you can be safe in the knowledge that it will meet your needs and be pain free.


Enhanced support

Assist PLUS is WHOLE SOLUTION support, which means that your applications such as; the IBM Cognos Suite, CCH Tagetik, Certent Disclosure Management, LucaNet and QUBEdocs PLUS all the complex layers of your integrated solution are supported.

You get everything covered in our standard support service, plus much more.  All the layers of your financial process including operating system, IIS, .NET, Java, SQL Server, DB2 or Oracle are included in this cover. No more conflicting support providers, no more ‘passing the buck’.

The hours of support can be varied to suit your working hours and your reporting cycles.

Not sure which level of support you need?  Compare our standard and enhanced services below:


(standard support)

Assist PLUS

(enhanced support)

Dedicated technical support contact
Product/Application support
Investigate code production issues
Dedicated support phone line
Online ticket logging and tracking system
Easy ticket logging via email

Response times:

Critical – System is down or effectively unusable as a result of the problem. Problem causes mission-critical impact on the Customer’s operation with no acceptable workaround (within 4 hours)

Significant Impact – System is up and running, but the problem causes significant impact and has no acceptable workaround. High impact problem where operation is proceeding, but in a significantly impaired fashion (within 6 hours)

Non-Critical – System is up and running and the problem causes only limited or insignificant impact. Important to long-term productivity, but is not causing an immediate work stoppage (within 8 hours)

Response times:
Critical – within 1 hr,  Significant Impact – within 2 hrs , Non-Critical – within 4 hrs
Whole solution support
Free application of fix packs
Free technical upgrade consultancy
System monitoring *
Technical Assessments *
Out of hours cover *

*options that can be tailored to meet your needs

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