Improve the
  • auditability
  • control
  • efficiency
of your Close & Consolidation process

The Financial Close and Consolidation process is fundamental to all group finance teams, encompassing and providing a platform for the other core financial processes. Whilst there are limits around what can be achieved in closing an ERP system, the consolidation process is often formulaic and repetitive and lends itself to automation with the right technology. For many there is still a reliance upon spreadsheet solutions that can struggle with consolidation complexity, process control, auditability and regulatory compliance (such as SOX).

How can we help you?

We work with companies of all sizes and industries to develop and implement a compliant, robust, time efficient and effective Financial Close & Consolidation process. Our consultants are a mix of highly experienced finance professionals and systems experts, therefore we understand the fine balance between speed of close and accuracy of monthly management reporting and the regulation and compliance around annual statutory reporting. We understand the intricacies of financial consolidation and the need for audibility from ERP through to final reported numbers. More importantly we know how to combine people, process and technology to deliver a best-in-class Financial Close and Consolidation system and process.

We are proud to implement and support market-leading consolidation products such as CCH Tagetik and IBM Cognos Controller.

We are your trusted partners

We know that implementing a new system and process requires a robust business case and requires internal commitment and capability, which is why we pride ourselves in being ‘partners’ not technology vendors. Working with multiple leading technology providers we choose the right solution to meet the individual needs of our customers. We support our clients from strategy, technology development, system implementation, training and on-going support. HAYNE are a lifecycle partner for all your Financial Performance Management needs.

We will help you improve…

Control & Security

Reduce risk

Gain more control and increase security over the model, data and the process itself.


Get more valuable data

Allowing an enterprise-wide close and consolidate process that can be devolved to the subsidiaries.


Create more time

Automation of repetitive and low-value manual tasks such as data loading, eliminations and consolidation.


Adapt quickly

Easily adapt to deal with changes in company structures and chart of accounts.


Compliance made simple

Detailed audit trail from ERP through adjustment journals, eliminations and foreign currency translation to reported numbers.


More control, less risk

Create a defined and controlled process ensuring consistency across the entire financial close and consolidation activity.