HAYNE is a Premium LucaNet Partner in the UK

The ability to implement, manage and maintain your consolidation, planning and reporting system yourself (rather than hiring consultants) is LucaNet’s ‘unique selling point’. We partner with LucaNet because of the simplicity of the solution and how it can be applied to a broad range of organisations that don’t require the breadth of a more complex financial software solution or HR planning.

We deliver LucaNet solutions, training and support

LucaNet can be implemented quickly and simply in only 7-14 days – saving huge project costs.  No surprise then that LucaNet can boast a 96% customer satisfaction score.

LucaNet, Financial Performance Management Software enables you to;

  1. Collect – Data from various sources
  2. Close – Validate and consolidate data
  3. Plan – Budget, plan and forecast
  4. Report – Analyse, report and disclose

We know that deciding on a new solution can be risky and complex and that you need to go beyond the presentation and demonstration, which is why we offer DEMOs and workshops, so we can showcase LucaNet to you.

LucaNet Features

Collect data

With LucaNet.Importer you can import data from your ledger systems or ERP systems instantly using the LucaNet connectors. LucaNet offers over 200 standard interfaces to ERP and financial accounting systems plus direct access from third-party systems including importing of freely configurable MS Excel reporting packages. LucaNet.Importer is an ETL tool (extract, transform, load) for your data and accesses the standard interfaces in common source systems.

Budget, Plan & Forecast

LucaNet.Planner is an integrated, rules-based solution for consistent data modelling comprising P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statements. Using planning forms with built-in business logic you can create plans and carry our scenario modelling with any level of detail, down to account, cost centre or product level.

Validate data

Reconcile and validate data with LucaNet.Group Report. Make Excel a thing of the past with a web-based tool that can collect and validate the data required for consolidated financial statements.

Analyse, Report & Disclose

Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow reports are included in the LucaNet application. An organisation dimension means these can be produced for any Legal Entity or Cost centre. They can also show results for Actual, Budget, Forecast, Actual + Forecast etc.


Supporting the complete close, consolidate and report process. Automate and accelerate the close process with LucaNet, the cost effective financial consolidation software solution.

Advanced Reporting

LucaNet have partnered with Certent Disclosure Management to deliver a seamless advanced reporting process from consolidation to report output. The partnership brings connected reporting to the next level enabling companies to dynamically pull source consolidation and FP&A data from LucaNet’s FPM software directly into Certent CDM, giving finance pros the power to produce presentation style reports in the click of a refresh button.  Read more…

Client testimonials

LucaNet is a leading financial consolidation software solution which can be implemented quickly and simply – saving huge project costs.

It provides functionality which enables you to a) Collect, Validate and Consolidate data, b) Budget, Plan and Forecast and c) Analyse, Report and Disclose.

  • Assessed & recommended by HAYNE Solutions
  • Over 2,700 customers worldwide, e.g. Toshiba
  • UK references, e.g. Generator Hostels & Pirtek
  • Certified by the Public Auditors IDW in Germany
  • Implement, manage and maintain yourself
  • Efficient use of internal finance resource
  • Minimal IT involvement
  • Guaranteed success
  • Fixed price project
  • Free proof-of-concept before you buy
  • Financial and non-financial data collection
  • Data validation
  • Alternate hierarchies
  • Currency conversion
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Minority interests
  • Journal adjustments
  • Workflow
  • Audit trail
  • Statutory reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Financial analysis
  • KPI reporting
  • Automated cash flow
  • Budgeting: financial, operational
  • Planning: top-down, bottom-up, driver-based
  • Forecasting: annual, rolling
  • Audited process
  • Eliminate spreadsheet errors
  • Reduce the time to close
  • Incorporate acquisitions with ease
  • Map to subsidiary charts of accounts
  • Accommodate non-coterminous year ends
  • Manage different GAAPs
  • Populate XBRL and iXBRL filings

It works with most ERPs, including:

Access Accounts™
Microsoft Dynamics™
Oracle e-Business Suite™
Oracle Peoplesoft™
Sapphire One™
Unit4 Financials™
Unit4 Business World™

and many others!

Our services

We specialise in the entire LucaNet suite. We are LucaNet Certified Developers and the UK’s largest and most experienced team delivering integrated financial consolidation solutions. We don’t just sell the software, we become your partner and provide all the resources required for implementation; project management, consultancy, training and ongoing support.

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