Predictive Intelligence

CCH Tagetik Predictive Intelligence boosts your human intelligence with granular details and actionable insights – guiding you to make the right adjustments and make the right decisions.

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Common Challenges

Rapidly changing business environment

Due to advents in technology, global events, and smarter workplaces, the pace of business, competition, and market shifts accelerates with each passing quarter, posing uncertainty on both short- and long-term plans. Finance and operations struggle to produce recommendations fast enough, pivot plans with enough agility, all while maintaining accuracy in their forecasts.

Plans lack data robustness

Planning processes suffer from; barriers between data, high-levels of data, poor data quality due to human input errors, vast volumes of data that no humans can synthetise, and a lack of context where no correlation can be made between operations, external conditions and financial results.

Disconnected performance insights

CFOs are expected to provide strategic guidance, more often and in greater detail. Without technology to guide them, they can’t possibly consider all business variables — they’re much too complex for the human mind to process. What’s more, most plans are created based on a single set of departmental data, not a comprehensive companywide picture of performance.

Features and Benefits

Instant Accurate Plans

See what the future will be in one click. The CCH Tagetik out-of-box predictive solution embeds machine learning technology to boost their budgeting, planning and forecasting solution with predictive models.

Pinpoint Underlying Business Drivers

Connect the dots between, financial, operational and external data to produce explainable predictions

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Knowing what’s predicted and why, leads to the know-how to improve results. CCH Tagetik empowers you to choose a better future with insights gained from comprehensive plans, predictive simulations, and what-if scenarios. Change your performance drivers and play out the impacts of different strategies to see how the predicted results change.

Be Agile Through Changing Conditions

Embedded machine learning to train on your historical data to understand your patterns, rank your business drivers and instantly incorporate the new data into your models. With simulation tools, you can predict future results based on real-time information and map out the path toward new goals.

Empower Planners

CCH Tagetik is ready-made for business planners. No need to be a data scientist. Identify performance drivers, and then eliminate bias and mistakes caused by human error. Predictions are objective, data-driven, and backed by a history of in-depth trends and correlations. You are given the freedom from manual intervention to do self-service analysis and test scenarios to enhance the outcomes of your budgets and plans.

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