Supply Chain Planning

Align the supply chain. Balance supply and demand. Collaborate across functions.

End-to-end supply chain planning to improve forecast accuracy and drive growth. Whether you’re a manufacturing, distribution, or retail company, the CCH Tagetik solution can help you optimise your supply chain and drive sustainable growth.

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CCH Tagetik IFRS 16

Common Challenges

Supply chain planning is a complex process that involves managing various interconnected elements, and organisations often face several challenges in effectively executing their supply chain planning strategies:

Demand Forecasting

Accurately predicting future demand is crucial for effective supply chain planning. However, organisations often struggle with factors such as demand volatility, seasonality, and changing customer preferences, which can lead to inaccurate forecasts and disruptions in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Visibility

Lack of end-to-end visibility across the supply chain can hinder effective planning. Limited visibility into supplier performance, transportation status, and inventory levels often lead to delays, inefficiencies, and increased costs. Real-time data sharing and collaboration with suppliers, partners, and stakeholders is essential for proactive decision-making.

Rapidly Changing Market Conditions

Supply chain planning must adapt to rapidly changing market conditions such as new product introductions, market trends, and geopolitical factors. Organisations need to be agile and responsive to these changes while maintaining supply chain stability and customer satisfaction.

Maximize Supply Chain Efficiency with CCH Tagetik Solution

Utilising the CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning solution is crucial for organisations aiming to optimise their supply chain operations and enhance overall business performance. This powerful tool enables companies to efficiently manage their supply chain processes by providing real-time visibility, accurate forecasting, and seamless integration with financial planning. By streamlining data collection and analysis, the solution helps businesses make informed decisions that drive cost savings, reduce lead times, and improve customer satisfaction. Ultimately, leveraging the CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning solution empowers organisations to achieve a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape.

Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of advanced technology, robust data analytics, effective communication, and continuous improvement.

Features & Benefits:

  • Demand planning – Get a consolidated view of supply and demand across facilities, product families and lines of business. CCH Tagetik’s AI-based demand planning solution creates accurate forecasts whilst taking into account promotions, advertising, new product innovation, seasonality, and competitor actions. This gives you the ability to make quick pivots when these changes occur.
  • Supply planning – Build agile supply plans to counteract unanticipated costs, seasonal spikes, surprise sales and unexpected demand changes. CCH Tagetik equips you with AI-based capacity planning, product planning, MRP and production scheduling.
  • Inventory Optimisation: CCH Tagetik enables you to optimise inventory levels through advanced inventory planning algorithms. The solution considers demand variability, lead times, service level targets, and cost factors to determine optimal inventory levels. It provides insights into safety stock requirements, reorder points, and economic order quantities, helping organisations strike the right balance between inventory costs and customer service levels.
  • Production planning – Align production realities with supply chain needs to unearth decision making intel. Align production with supply chain requirements, optimise capacity utilisation, and make informed decisions based on accurate data. CCH Tagetik enables your organisation to optimise production schedules, improve efficiency, and drive profitability in the supply chain.
  • Sales & operations planning (S&OP) – Develop resilient supply chain strategies with CCH Tagetik’s AI-based integrated planning platform. Synchronise departmental plans, operational activities, and supply chain data, giving you and your organisation the insight to troubleshoot manufacturing bottlenecks, resolve delivery issues, and optimise inventory.
  • Rapidly Changing Market Conditions: CCH Tagetik enables organisations to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions through its scenario modelling and what-if analysis capabilities. CCH Tagetik allows organisations to simulate different market scenarios, assess their impact on the supply chain, and develop contingency plans. This helps you respond quickly to market changes while maintaining supply chain stability and customer satisfaction.

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