HAYNE Analytics

HAYNE Solutions has a specialised tool designed to streamline and enhance the process of financial reporting and analysis.

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HAYNE Analytics

Optimising Reports with IBM Cognos & HAYNE Analytics

IBM Cognos Controller includes Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP) running on Planning Analytics. HAYNE Analytics filters the FAP cube and adds finance functionality. Pre-configured TM1 cubes provide a platform for easy integration with Excel, Business Intelligence and Disclosure Management reporting.

Why choose IBM Planning Analytics?

Explore the advanced features of Cognos Analytics, designed to enhance your BI experience with AI assistance, seamless collaboration, dynamic storyboards, and much more:

Focused and user-friendly role-based reporting cubes

Pre-built with around 90% of financial reporting requirements out-of-the-box

Bespoke design enabled with a toolbox of TI processes and rules

In-built functionality – KPIs, inter-company cube, weekly reporting

Inter-company reporting cube allows drill-down and easy reporting on balances in a matrix view


times faster than reporting on relational data sources

Designed for accountants

HAYNE Analytics has been developed based on HAYNE’s many years experience of in delivering Financial Performance Management solutions. It has been designed by accountants for accountants.

  • Speed up your Excel reporting
  • Add slice, dice, and drill-down capabilities to add insight into your financial reporting
  • Available as a Cloud-priced or a one-off (on-premise) priced solution
  • Ask us about optional support packages

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