IBM Cognos Analytics 12

Powerful & Smart business intelligence

HAYNE is a leading IBM Gold Partner, experienced in delivering best-in-class, business intelligence with IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM® Cognos Analytics with Watson has been hailed as a revolution in enterprise business intelligence and analytics, utilising augmented intelligence to answer the what and why. Cognos Analytics makes it easier to visualise, analyse and share insights about your business.

Create and distribute customisable reports for personalised consumption. Capture and share the true story of your data, helping you to grow your business. Enterprises are investing strategically to unlock the business value of their data. Where are you on this journey?

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Why choose IBM Cognos Analytics?

Explore the advanced features of Cognos Analytics, designed to enhance your BI experience with AI assistance, seamless collaboration, dynamic storyboards, and much more:


Cognos Analytics stands out from typical BI tools by offering data discovery, AI assistance, and recommended visualisations. Its user-friendly design allows instant dashboard creation from data, eliminating the need for report-writing skills and making it accessible to a broader organisational audience.


Unique to Cognos Analytics, allowing users to tell the story of data discovery findings in a dynamic way.

Pixel-Perfect Reporting

Users can create pixel-perfect reports and control all properties, size of objects, and formatting options.

Data Modelling

Instantly bring data in from any source with one drag and drop – change to Instantly bring data in using CSV/Excel drag and drop

Report Authoring

Still here and still required in any BI tool. Professional report authoring, guided authoring experiences, recommended visualisations, on demand menus and subscribed based reporting      


To gain value from your data assets, Cognos delivers advanced pattern detection to help unearth hidden insights. Predictive capabilities that can highlight relationship strengths and key drivers.


Built into the latest version. World class mapping and geospatial capabilities to view certain data in a more robust way. This feature comes free of charge unlike other BI vendors.

Ease of use

Simply drag and drop data in also copy and paste other data visualisations from similar reports. With CA, you have several reusable visualisation designs

Why choose HAYNE Solutions?

HAYNE are Gold IBM Business Partners with a proven ability in delivering best-in-class solutions.

We are your Partner

Our reputation is well-known for our dedication and expertise in delivering best-in-class IBM Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions – from upgrades and licence management to training, maintenance and support. The combination of our focus and the strength of IBM software delivers results for our clients time and time again. We are certified IBM Developers and the UK’s largest and most experienced team delivering IBM Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions. We don’t just sell the software, we become your partner.

Leading UK Consultancy

IBM Gold Partner

Proven best-in-class delivery

Trusted UK-Based support team

We enjoyed working with HAYNE throughout this implementation process. The calibre and experience of their consultants ensured the project went live on time and within budget