IBM Planning Analytics

The power of integrated business planning.

HAYNE is an IBM Gold Partner, experienced in delivering best-in-class, integrated planning solutions with IBM Planning Analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics is an enterprise financial planning software tool designed to implement collaborative planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions.

With Planning Analytics, you can transform your entire planning cycle. As an AI-infused integrated planning solution, you can transcend the limits of manual planning to create more accurate plans for FP&A, sales, supply chain, capacity planning and operations.

Planning Analytics enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets, and forecasts across your entire organisation. It has been built and designed to bring speed, agility, and foresight to your business.

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Why choose IBM Planning Analytics?

Discover the powerful features of our cutting-edge solution designed to drive business growth, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making across your organisation:

Flexible planning and analysis

·       Rapid development and deployment of models without batch processing.

Enterprise-grade Business Intelligence

Access live data from sources across your business and integrate financial plans and operational tactics.

One-stop shop for analytics

Everything you need in one place using pixel perfect reports to create data visualisation.

Real Time, Predictive insights

Access real-time, forward-looking insights and key metrics from your data.

Superior scale for business growth

Transform your business cycle as your business continues to grow.

Scenario plan with confidence

Gain insight that helps you plan for future change and avoid risk.

Boost Communication, Support Collaboration

Incorporate information into clear, dynamic visualisations.

Boost Excel

Leverage Excel capabilities and retain the familiar interface to accelerate adoption.

Flexible & Fast Deployment

Facilitate rapid deployment quickly across the organisation.

Why choose HAYNE Solutions?

HAYNE are Gold IBM Business Partners with a proven ability in delivering best-in-class solutions.

We are your Partner

Our reputation is well-known for our dedication and expertise in delivering best-in-class IBM Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions – from upgrades and licence management to training, maintenance and support. The combination of our focus and the strength of IBM software delivers results for our clients time and time again. We are certified IBM Developers and the UK’s largest and most experienced team delivering IBM Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions. We don’t just sell the software, we become your partner.

Leading UK Consultancy

IBM Gold Partner

Proven best-in-class delivery

Trusted UK-Based support team

A major improvement is that our Executive team are now able to get a high level view of the business, on-demand, previously this was a very manual process. Now we can create dashboards in PAW for the execs to use in real-time – so people are not knocking down the finance team’s door.