On Demand WEBINAR: Automated Account Reconciliation with CCH® Tagetik

Sep 16, 2022

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Find out more about the benefits automating your Account Reconciliation process. Including a variety of automation rules that can drive both efficiency and control over the process.

Duration: 40 minutes


  • Neil Whitmore, ACMA, CGMA, MCP & CEO at HAYNE Solutions
  • Michelle Gibbs, Sales and Marketing Director at HAYNE Solutions
  • Mike Shuker, Solution Consulting Director at CCH® Tagetik


Account Reconciliation is a key part of an organisations Close & Consolidation. An area where errors and duplications often occur, and parts of the jigsaw can be missing.

This is due to the manual and labour-intensive way that Account Reconciliation is often done.

In our latest webinar, we talk about the automating of Account Reconciliation alongside CCH Tagetik; one of our vendor partners. CCH Tagetik provide an end-to-end CPM/EPM Solution.


This 40-minute webinar covers;

  1. Common Account Reconciliation challenges
  2. How these challenges affect the Consolidation process
  3. Fast Vs. Quality Close
  4. Additional challenges brought about by UK SOX
  5. Addressing these challenges
  6. A demo of Tagetik’s solution
  7. Q&A

Who is this webinar for?

Senior Finance Professionals who are looking for a better, more efficient solution for Account Reconciliation which will remove risk from their balance sheet.

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