Mpac invests in CPM software to meet the digital needs of the manufacturing sector

Mar 3, 2021

Mpac, a global leader in innovative automation ecosystems designed to help manufacturing businesses adapt and thrive, has invested in CCH Tagetik corporate performance management (CPM) software to digitally transform its internal finance processes. Implemented by UK consultancy HAYNE Solutions, the software will enable Mpac to meet the manufacturing sector’s rapidly changing needs and demands and to continue to support innovation, growth and sustainability.

The move to Industry 4.0

As the manufacturing industry continues its move to Industry 4.0, digital, sophisticated solutions that deliver a high level of performance data, maximise automation and support continuous innovation are critical. Mpac is dedicated to delivering customer-driven digital solutions that leverage data to help manufacturers stay competitive, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies and ROI. It has invested in software that enables its customers access and analyse data, obtain end-to-end insight on the way processes and machines are running and to have full visibility of their complete business ecosystems, from service delivery to machine functionality – helping to highlight previously hidden efficiency gains, successes, and risks.

Performance management transformed

To support its customers further, Mpac is replicating this digital transformation in its own processes. With its existing performance management system being inflexible, time-consuming and labour-intensive, Mpac needed a solution that could improve its internal systems and maximise operational effectiveness and business management by providing accuracy, efficiency and increased visualisation.

The company invested in CCH Tagetik CPM software, which automates manual tasks, maximises efficiencies and provides data and business insights 24/7, while being future-proofed for business growth, changes in technology and rapidly evolving customer needs in the manufacturing sector.

William Wilkins, Group Finance Director of Mpac Group, said:

“We wanted to move to automated internal systems – mirroring the solutions we deliver to the manufacturing sector. Over Mpac’s more than 100-year history, we have completely evolved; whereas previously engineers had to physically install, service, repair and maintain machines, they can now access customer data remotely, deliver key information on machine performance and predictive maintenance and provide real-time support to our global customers. In addition to providing engineer solutions, we now deliver digital solutions and support to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and make ROI more visible. We wanted to achieve this in our own business too, which in turn will improve the service we deliver to our customers.

“The move to CCH Tagetik was a result of a mixture of legacy system vulnerability and the need to be able to access data and provide management information, which is aligned to the wider strategy of the Mpac Group. This is centred around operating as a single-entity business and presenting ourselves commercially as a group with global reach and broader capabilities, resources and scale than just local sites – but also being able to manage the performance of our group regionally and by sites. Our existing solution did not allow for the flexible data modelling needed to provide this insight.

“CCH Tagetik met our demanding technical requirements exactly and it stood out from other solutions due to its specific strengths in integrated KPI reporting and planning capability. Its usability was also key – it enables us to maximise the ROI and gain real value from our performance management, budgeting and planning processes. We are on the road to a faster and more accurate, automated and efficient performance management process, leading to better insights and better business decisions. It is a critical investment on multiple levels – it will, for example, also enable us to attract and retain the highly skilled people our business needs, and we now have a highly customised reporting solution.”

Choosing the right CCH Tagetik partner was key

As a business that provides systems and solutions, Mpac understood the implementation risks; there could have been an impact on legacy processes and systems, potential downtime, and implications for other business-critical systems. Choosing a reliable, trusted partner to implement and integrate the solution was key.

William Wilkins said: “We selected HAYNE because of the capabilities of the team, the size of the organisation and the location. Having had multiple pre-sales meetings with CCH Tagetik and HAYNE, it was evident that they had a strong partnership, the right technical skills, good communication and proven successful project delivery. We wanted a best-in-class implementation, and we believe we chose the right partner to help us achieve that.”

Want to learn more?

Find out about CCH Tagetik, Financial & Corporate Performance Management Solution or contact HAYNE Solutions for an informal chat about your needs.

HAYNE Solutions is a leading UK financial performance management consultancy with over 50 years’ experience in delivering consolidation and reporting solutions to all types and sizes of organisation. Offering the best services and solutions, the company ensures projects are run on-time and within budget and deliver ROI.

Mpac creates automation ecosystems to develop and optimise manufacturing processes. Its end-to-end capabilities help leading food & beverage, health & personal care, pharmaceutical and consumer goods businesses thrive in a changing world. It has four global manufacturing facilities, two innovation labs, seven customer service hubs, 180 global engineers and designers, and over 10,000 machines in service.

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