Nick Kenderdine Appointed CEO of HAYNE Solutions

Mar 16, 2023

“I have always seen the need for businesses to plan. Succession planning in particular. So I am pleased to announce the appointment of our current COO, Nick Kenderdine to the role of CEO.

Nick will report to the newly-elected Board which includes Kimberley Williams, our legal counsel, and my son Tom Whitmore, who is following me into accountancy.

I plan to add talented NEDs to the board in due course.

The role of the Board will be to provide both governance and oversight of our business development strategy and in particular to drive growth, both organic and by acquisition.

The business will continue to focus on its 3 main pillars which are IBM, CCH Tagetik and and we have devised integrated strategies to develop each of these.

I believe Nick’s appointment will ensure continuity at HAYNE, as Nick was COO for the past 6 years (and my ‘number 1’ at the helm). This also continues the mantra of having a qualified accountant in charge at HAYNE.

I would like to congratulate Nick on his appointment, and I look forward to working alongside him in this exciting next stage of HAYNE’s future.” – Neil Whitmore – Founder of HAYNE Solutions

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