On Demand WEBINAR: An Introduction to ESG Reporting with CCH® Tagetik

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On Demand WEBINAR: An Introduction to ESG Reporting with CCH® Tagetik

Webinar title: An Introduction to ESG Reporting with CCH® Tagetik

Following the much publicised COP26 conference in 2021, sustainability performance and ESG data have become vitally important components of corporate reports and are of considerable significance to investors, customers, and rating agencies. To remain leaders in their industries, organisations must highlight their social and environmental performance and commitment to CSR principles. The market is already seeing large corporations pushing their ESG requirements down onto their smaller suppliers. Will this impact your business?

In our latest webinar we explore reporting, the various governance, and frameworks, and where to start with ESG if you haven’t already done so.

Duration: 40 minutes

Date of original webinar: 15th June 2022


During the webinar you will hear from our CCH Tagetik Practice Director Nimesh Patel ACCA who will be discussing ESG alongside Kane Benham FCILT; ESG Consulting Specialist for CCH Tagetik.

CCH Tagetik provides an end-to-end CPM/EPM solution that allows you to complete all financial processes, planning, and reporting across the whole organisation, allowing you to access the information you need to gain better insights, make faster decisions, and drive performance.

CCH Tagetik has been actively developed to digitally transform the office of the CFO and is regularly issuing new solutions for new reporting requirements including ESG.

The full agenda is as follows:

  • ESG Background & 3 Pillars
  • Benefits of ESG
  • Challenges/Obstacles
  • Frameworks and Standards
  • Why a solution over Excel?


Who is this webinar for?

Anyone who is looking at the best way to implement/report against ESG requirements.

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