CCH Tagetik’s end-to-end ESG Reporting Solution

May 23, 2022

Sustainability and ESG data have become vitally important components of corporate reports and are of considerable significance to investors, customers, and stakeholders. So to remain leaders in their industries businesses alike, organisations must put in lights their environmental, social and governance performance and commitment to change. The market is already seeing large corporations pushing their ESG requirements down onto their smaller suppliers.

The market is also seeing more and more organisations creating senior roles that take ownership of ESG & Sustainability Reporting.

ESG Reporting opens the door for several new strategic challenges:

  • Access to capital
  • Regulatory obligations
  • Data management complexity

…the main challenge is managing corporate risk exposure with an inability to connect financial and ESG performance to get a comprehensive view of risk and manage the opportunity right.

While various roles are involved, the role of the CFO is evolving to ultimately spearhead this new and business-wide approach and responsibility. But did you know that there is a solution already available?

How CCH® Tagetik ESG & Sustainability can help

CCH® Tagetik covers the ESG process end-to-end, boosting the implementation thanks to an expert solution that combines all the regulatory frameworks and the managerial needs in a single application.

CCH Tagetik end-to-end solution

CCH® Tagetik has developed a pre-built and configurable expert solution that streamlines data collection, calculation, and KPI disclosure. They have combined their regulatory expertise with a foundation for ESG data intelligence to ensure disclosures won’t skip a beat as regulations and frameworks evolve. The solution is an extendable solution for extensive needs:

  • Disclosure & EU Taxonomy
  • GRI & other KPIs
  • Strategic Planning and Converged KPI

With CCH® Tagetik ESG & Sustainability, organisations will be compliant while driving sustainable strategies that improve outcomes and ESG scores. Organisations will be able to balance short-term financial performance with long-term sustainability. With insight into the cause and effect of ESG initiatives on financial outcomes, plans can be created that serve ESG objectives, satisfy stakeholders, and make decisions that improve the bottom line.

“This solution goes above and beyond the call of duty, equipping finance with everything it needs to meet ESG reporting requirements. CCH® Tagetik ESG & Sustainability provides users with the leading-edge data intelligence they need to maximise the impact of sustainability activities, while prioritising bottom line growth and optimising ESG scores.” – Fabrizio Tocchini, Global Head of Innovation at CCH® Tagetik.

Key benefits of the CCH Tagetik solution:

  • Get compliant quickly
  • Better decisions faster
  • Increase accuracy and transparency
  • Cost reduction with automation
  • Gain control
  • Empower the office of finance
  • Reduce risk – reputational, talent & compliance


“The growing importance of ESG reports is supported by the fact that investors and other stakeholders are calling on companies to disclose more about their sustainability and environmental, social and governance strategies.”PWC


HAYNE has worked closely with CCH® Tagetik for many years as an implementation partner. We are excited with the developments they have made around ESG reporting which forms part of their unified CPM/EPM Solution.

HAYNE specialise in the full Tagetik suite and will support you with the planning, training, and implementation of your CCH® Tagetik solution. Our team consist of several qualified accountants who specialise in the full Tagetik suite. We work with companies of all sizes and industries to develop and implement a compliant, robust, time-efficient, and effective solutions.

HAYNE is a lifecycle partner for all your Corporate & Financial Performance Management needs including Close & Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning, Account Reconciliation, Disclosure Management, IFRS 16, and Business Intelligence.

Find out more about ESG Reporting by attending our upcoming ESG webinar in collaboration with CCH® Tagetik.[vc_single_image image=”3692″ img_size=”medium” alignment=”center”]

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