The best of both worlds with IBM Planning Analytics for Excel

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The best of both worlds with IBM Planning Analytics for Excel

We’ve all read horror stories about how one simple Microsoft Excel error ended up costing billions. A staggering percentage of spreadsheets have errors in them, yet most finance teams LOVE Excel.

What if we told you that you can have the spreadsheet interface that you love, without the accidents and inaccuracies you hate?

With the Microsoft Excel interface you don’t abandon spreadsheets – you evolve them.  Keep the traditional MS Excel interface you know and love, but add advanced tools like multidimensional analysis and planning.  Reduce the learning curve, increase the impact.

So yes, it is possible to achieve spreadsheet heaven with IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX).

IBM Planning Analytics is the premier planning and forecasting solution available because you can achieve productivity and accuracy – get both, without sacrificing either. The IBM Planning Analytics offering is cost-effective, flexible and secure, offers you a personal analytics experience, and is available both on-premise as well as in cloud.

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