On Demand WEBINAR: De-risking Financial Consolidation through automation

Nov 16, 2021

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Find out more about the benefits of automating your consolidation solution

Date of live webinar: Tuesday 16th November at 11am (GMT)
Duration: 40 minutes


  • Neil Whitmore, ACMA, CGMA, MCP & CEO at HAYNE Solutions
  • Michelle Gibbs, Sales and Marketing Director at HAYNE Solutions


The Financial Close and Consolidation process is fundamental to all group finance teams, encompassing and providing a platform for the other core financial procedures.

The process itself is time-consuming when done manually. It can also lead to mistakes, simply down to the concept of human error.

In this webinar, we explore the benefits that come from automating your Financial Consolidation.


This 40-minute webinar covers;

  1. Why automate your Financial Consolidation?
  2. How automation removes risk and improves governance
  3. Preparing for UK SOX through Consolidation automation
  4. Where do HAYNE fit in to the equation?

Who should watch this?

Senior Finance Professionals who are looking for a better, more efficient solution to their Financial Consolidation.

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